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  1. Re: things were better now this..need ad

    well i woke up this am with red streaks on my left breast. i called my md and she also stated that it is not the norm to have it in both breasts but seeing i had streaks she would treat me with abx....
  2. Re: Reducing nighttime feedings: 10 week

    my daughter was up every hour for 7 months nursing ...it was so hard!! we co slept cause it was the only way i slept at all. she eventually learned to latch herself and i hardly ever woke up. now 4...
  3. things were better now this..need advice

    so i posted a while back with latch issues and cracked nipple right breast. it has not completely healed still hurts at first whil latching but then pain subsides after 30 seconds. it visibly looks...
  4. Re: I cant take how BF = bb always wif u

    yes usually and i also share your frustration with you at times but it gets much better as baby gets older. you just have to trust it and stick with it. it's hard when they are little first 6-8 weeks...
  5. Re: ok ladies...you saved me once...i ne

    oh and i forgot to add that my flanges i was using were too small my lc gave me new ones and i think that has helped...i use the ameda hospital grade pump.
  6. Re: ok ladies...you saved me once...i ne

    i went to the LC twice and he weighed him before and after each feeding...he took 5 and a half ounces both times from the breast not the bottle. i don't weigh him at home so i'm not so sure if this...
  7. Re: ok ladies...you saved me once...i ne

    thanks ladies i love the pump/fridge idea...i have been doing most of this already but it is sooooo much harder this time having a 4 year old who is having issues transitioning w the new baby. i am...
  8. ok ladies...you saved me once...i need h

    I exclusively bf my dd for 3 years and i thought this time around bf would be easier b/c i had some experience. i had thrush/mastitis...ended up having tougue clipped which helped alot w dd...we had...
  9. Re: Please help me feel more confident

    My DD is the same way. She walks around the house with my pant leg in her hand most of the time...and follows me from room to room...I still have company in th bathroom!! She is usually not well...
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    Re: Can't believe I made it this far

    I had to EP for a short time (6weeks) when my LO was first born. After I fixed the tougue tie we figured out nursing...Pumping was a ton of work...Kudos to u and all the mommies who...
  11. Re: My baby nurses every twenty minutes...HELP!!!

    Hi Hugs to you:hug
    I have no great advice ...just wanted to let you know that I went through a similiar scenario with my LO. She nursed every 40 min all day and ALL NIGHT modt nights till she was...
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    Re: Sleep problems.. breast as pacifier

    My daughter use to have to sleep all night long with a boob in her mouth...until just recently. She is 11 months old and still nurses to sleep but then unlatches and rolls over and goes to sleep in...
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    Re: fussy at 9 months - ?reflux

    My DD is the same way. I have read quite a bit of literature on the topic ...most from Dr sears. My DD does not spit up at all, has never had formula either but has also had issues with temperament....
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    Re: Pacifier

    :hug I had this problem with my daughter when she was teething (bottom two teeth). After a couple weeks of complete agony...I tried Motrin per advice on these boards...thanks to all :), it worked...
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    Re: Yo baby yogurt

    Yo baby also does have a plain version which has much less sugar then the flavored kinds but they are hard to find in grocery stores. I find they only carry them in Organic only grocery stores:)
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    Re: TB skin test safe?

    I believe it is..I had one today. I'm a nurse and I get one every 6 months/or if I've been exposed to TB ...I work in the er.
  17. Re: Not sleeping through the night...

    :ita Wow 4.5 hours is a long time to sleep at that age...my DD was up every 45min at that point to eat...and still now at 9 months she gets up at LEAST twice to nurse (and lately she hasn't been...
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    Re: Please Help...so Frustrated....

    I TRY to nap with her but she doesn't sleep long...by the time I fall asleep she wants to get up lol. Yeah I thought the sleep with Dad thing was a brilliant idea:ita However, not so sure dad feels...
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    Re: Please Help...so Frustrated....

    Thanks gals...she slept a little better last night. I had her sleep with just hubby and I had him come get me to nurse her when she wanted to eat. She woke up twice to eat which is her norm and went...
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    Please Help...so Frustrated....

    I have been bf my 9 month old since birth. I am a nurse and I work part time and pump. She has never had any formula. We have had many problems in the beginning...so I am use to some adversity...BUT...
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