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  1. Random Nursing tips that work!!!

    This is a thread to share any and all tips around breast feeding! From nursing bras, nursing in public, your most comfortable nursing position (is it unique?), tips on getting a good latch with a...
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    Re: mom and baby on antibiotics?

    The diarrhea is likely the side-effect of the antibiotic. Weigh the risks and benefits. My nearly 5 month old son and I were both recently on antibiotics for bronchitis - I knew he needed the...
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    Re: Nursing as a Pacifer

    I have been wondering the same... recently switched to feeding on demand, LOVE, LOVE, LOVING it (so is son)... but when he falls asleep at the breast, 99% of the time he does not release after...
  4. Re: Baby Wise (PDF Feeding style) and Breastfeeding

    Dear Lovebaby29,
    I don't know how things have been going for you since you first asked your question regarding Babywise back in November, but I am a first-time mother who just came off of using...
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