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  1. Re: Help...My 4 month doesn't seem interested in breastfeedi

    He used to only latch if I was wearing a shield. Now, all the sudden he doesn't want the shield, which is fine. But, whenever I go into our nursing position, cradle style, he cries. He usually is...
  2. Help...My 4 month doesn't seem interested in breastfeeding

    My four month old recently started to become hugely disinterested in eating. He cries any time I try to feed him. He use to only latch with a nipple shield, and now all the sudden, he won't (no...
  3. Re: Exclusive bf to 85% pumping transition advice

    With my first child, he was in the NICU and only had pumped milk and then we found he was tongue tied as well,so he never latched. I pumped exclusively for five months and had built a storage that...
  4. For how long should I wake my little one every two hours?

    My baby is just about one month old. Since birth, I wake him every two hours to eat. How long should I continue this? At night, I don't wake him and he seems to have a set schedule of two to three...
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    Should I wake my baby to feed

    My first child was bottle fed pumped breast milk and I never woke him to feed. With my new LO, he actually latched and I was told by other nursing moms to wake him every two hours to help with...
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