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    Re: Unhappy Baby

    Thank you all for your input. She's still a little fussy, but it's definitely better than what it was. And it seems that my supply is fine now. I am pumping my usual 4-5 oz each 3 hours and she has...
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    Re: Just returned to work yesterday, help!

    What bottles/nipple shape are you using? My daughter takes a bottle really well if the nipple is short and round (such as medela nipples) My daughter refuses any nipple that is a different shape....
  3. Poll: Re: Do you pump a bottle's worth in a session?

    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I've noticed I am usually a 1/2 oz short of a fedding each session. 1 extra session usually makes up for it. I usually fall short if I haven't ate or drank...
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    Re: Pumping questions...please help!

    Pump a little after each feeding. As far as being worried that she will still be hungry, did you know that you produce a little milk as you are feeding your baby. Also a baby so young will probably...
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    Re: EPing with FreeStyle

    You should be fine, but since your 1 year is almost up, I'd make sure to have a back-up plan just in case. I plan to breastfeed for 2 years so I have decided to put $20 every week to the side as an...
  6. Re: HELP Please! Pump exclusive or keep breastfeeding and pumping?

    My LO did the same thing at 6 weeks. Like others have said, a growth spurt is most likely the reason. I wouldn't suggest uping the pumping. Introducing bottles will likely increase his frustrations...
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    Unhappy Baby

    Hi everyone. I have a 2 mo old and so far things have been good, but I have a few concerns. In the last few days, I've experienced the following...

    A burning sensation after nursing that shoots...
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    Re: Help! Frustrated Mom & Baby!

    I had the same issue with my little one in the beginning. My pediatrician recommended that hold my breast L shaped since I am so top heavy and my baby was only 6.6 pounds after losing a little weight...
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    Re: breastfeeding after c-section

    I've had 3 c-sections. I tred to breastfeed all 3 but I've only had success with my current baby. My first 2, I didn't get past a week with them. Here are a few things that I believe made me...
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    Re: nighttime feedings killing me! zzzzz

    Another thing you can try is a heart beat mimick. I bought a mobile that plays music, water sounds and a heart beat. My daughter can't stand the music or water, but the heart beat does the trick. If...
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