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  1. Re: Green Stool, hindmilk inbalance, supply?

    I had the same issue as I had to pump at work to give EBM to my LO at daycare. I pumped the same way that I would nurse her. I was block feeding in 6 hour blocks, one breast per session so I pumped...
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    Re: Block Feeding

    I saw an improvement within 2 days or so. The gassiness and green poops were gone within days. I block fed for about 1 week only then I just changed the method to just feeding from one breast then...
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    Re: Reversing Reverse Cycling

    I'm with you momma. Going through the same thing right now. I co-sleep and that's the only thing that's kept me sane. I still haven't figured out how to make her eat during the day. I've spent...
  4. Re: Storing and Feeding for Exclusively Pumping

    I don't have any advixe about lipase, sorry. But I do pump at work as my LO is bottle fed with EBM during the day. I have 2 weeks worth of milk stored away and I rotate it, freezing the freshest...
  5. Re: Help! Up all night nursing my 3 mo old! I want to stop nursing!

    If you co-sleep why not just let him nurse as long as he wants while you sleep?

    My DD does this some nights and I just leave my breast exposed while we're side lying and when she wakes up she...
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    Re: Cheap Hands-Free Pumping!!!

    OMG! I have a ton of pony tail bands at home! and I just finished pumping in my office. I could definitely use this method so that I can post on this forum while pumping!!! :snicker I'm definitely...
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    Re: Sos Asap

    What pump are you using? Maybe renting a hospital grade pump from your hospital or LC would help. Just a thought.
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    Re: still need help

    :ita I agree.
  9. Re: Breastfeeding and Supplementing - Getting frustrated

    Exclusive BFing is the way to go for you to maintain your supply. Also, it is not recommended to introduce bottles until after 4 weeks old as it may create nipple confusion. Read this.

  10. Re: Breastfeeding and Supplementing - Getting frustrated

    It is normal to eat that much and that frequent. My LO is 4 months old and she still nurses every 2.5 hrs. sometimes every 3 hrs. Remember that your baby is growing so his/her intake will increase...
  11. Re: Diarrhea? Sick baby or just colic?

    All this sounds normal to me especially if they are not watery. I would worry if they were watery and frequent.

    If they turn greenish it could be that she has been getting too much foremilk...
  12. Re: Diarrhea? Sick baby or just colic?

    My first guess would have been foremilk/hindmilk imbalance but she's not having green frothy stools. My second guess would be a minor stomach virus. My DD developed this early on too and she too had...
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    Re: Gassy!

    Could be what you ate. Have you changed your diet lately? Or maybe it could be OS?
  14. Re: When did your baby start to nurse efficiently?

    Does she nurse for 1 hr/1.5 hr or is she nursing every 1 hr/1.5hr?
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    Re: Foods that might irritate baby

    My pedi told me to avoid citrus type fruits (berries, oranges, limes-lemons, tomatoes, etc.), greasy food, spicy foods, all the other obvious ones that other mommas have posted. I too heard that all...
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    Re: lost and stressed

    It's common for LOs at that age to nurse that often. My LO is 4 months and she doesn't sleep through the night (ever!). She nurses every 2.5 to 3 hours.

    It could be a growth spurt. I often feel...
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    Re: Water Contamination - HELP

    Sorry don't have any thoughts for you but I'll *bump* this up for you. Maybe other momma's can chime in.
  18. Re: I cheated but I don't care :)

    OMG! I'm lactose intolerant myself so I have a medicine cabinet full of Lactaid pills and when my "habibdi" (love your user name-BTW!) was suffering due to my f/hindmilk imbalance I thought of doing...
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    Re: hindmilk imbalance still!

    :ita I agree that it may not be an imbalance after all. It may be some type of food or dairy allergy. My imbalance regulated after only a few days of blockfeeding and my blocks were only 6 hour...
  20. Re: Returning To Work---How can I prepare

    :ita I do exactly this. I developed about a week's worth of freezer stash before going to work and I still pump 3x a day for the feeding sessions I miss.
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    Re: LO not eating-HELP

    Thanks for all your responses ladies. I swear my DD has been teething since she was born! Don't know what was wrong with her but she finally latched on at 7 in the evening and nursed ALL NIGHT...
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    LO not eating-HELP

    Need help, ladies. My DD did not eat today but 6 oz of EBM in a bottle. That 6 oz was in three feeding sessions. She drank 3 oz in the a.m. and 3 oz in 2 sessions in the afternoon. I got home and...
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    Re: cloth diapering

    There's a cloth diapering forum you can join. Go to User CP (upper left hand corner in green tool bar) and go to joinable groups. There's a lot of devoted CDing mommas that can give you a boat load...
  24. Re: I need a Quick response, LLLadies!

    According to my mom, it's completely defrosted. It was frozen on 8/29.

    Thanks, ladies! I thought it was fat as well but I needed to get more experienced mamas to sort of confirm it.
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    Re: Dairy Sensitivity?!?

    I went through the exact same scenario as you! I feel you. I also eliminated all dairy and soy products for about 3 weeks but her fussiness didn't get better. She would be fussier at night. What...
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