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  1. How many times a day do you nurse your toddler?

    Right now my 14 month old breast feeds morning and before bed, and gets 2 servings of breast milk during the day (I pump x2 at work still). So on weekends, I'm nursing 4x, morning, before each nap...
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    Milk supply post 12 months

    I actually posted on the weaning forum, but I'm not really trying to wean, so I wanted to visit this section for my question, too. Maybe it should be on the pumping section, though...

    My daughter...
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    Is it OK to drop to pump 2x a day now?

    My daughter is 13 months and had been getting breast milk 5 x day (in the morning, 3 breast milk bottles, then nursed at night). On weekends she's EBF 5x.

    I've still been pumping 3x a day and...
  4. Re: Transitioning to solids is not going as well as I'd hope

    I'm only beginning to ask myself about weaning and have no real plans to stop at one year. My hope is that it naturally winds down, though there's no sign of that for now. I may substitute some cow's...
  5. Transitioning to solids is not going as well as I'd hoped!

    My 11 month old is healthy and happy, but she has been only moderately enthusiastic about food. She frequently turns away when I try to feed her food and likes some, but not many of the finger foods...
  6. Re: Sudden and dramatic drop in milk supply-trying not to pa

    Thanks- so helpful. "Pump slump" is so elusive! I want to know why this is happening so I know how to manage my expectations. No changes to demand that I can tell. Baby nurses 4x (7a, 7p, 10p DF,...
  7. Re: Sudden and dramatic drop in milk supply-trying not to pa

    Thanks. No magic solutions....darn. Was half hoping there were some.

    To be clear, I actually started my period on Saturday, so I'm already 5 days in, so I would think that any hormonal impact...
  8. Sudden and dramatic drop in milk supply-trying not to panic!

    My baby is 9.5 months and and I work full time and generally leave her three 4 oz bottles. Suddenly after the long weekend, in the last 2 days my breasts have not been feeling full at pump time and...
  9. Re: Pumping for 9 month old-- should I be expecting changes?

    In my case it's not my period-- I got it back many months ago and have been able to keep up with la leche, pretty much. Maybe it's me needing to eat/hydrate more, maybe it's her solids affecting her...
  10. Pumping for 9 month old-- should I be expecting changes?

    I've been back to work since LO was 5 months old and have been leaving three 4 oz bottles for the last few months. In the last week, though, I've been consistently pumping 1 ounce shy of my typical...
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    Re: Dropping early a.m. feed

    @lllmeg- the baby is in a crib, so I go into her room to feed her around 4 am. I do generally get back to sleep before waking up 6:30 to 7 when the baby is up for the day. I'm still so tired, though!...
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    Dropping early a.m. feed

    My 7.5 month old eats 7 times a day and usually 3 of those are bottles while I'm at work (otherwise the BFing is 7a, then again 6p (mini feed again at 7p), 10:30 DF, and 4-5am.

    I really want to...
  13. Re: Another "is she getting enough" question!

    Her last bottle is while before she sees me, usually around 2:50 - 3 pm. Actually, when I'm with her on weekends she often goes a longer stretch after that feed, too. I'm also using Dr. Brown #2...
  14. Re: Another "is she getting enough" question!

    Thanks for these.

    Re: bfwmomof3's comments/questions:
    Slight correction: I offer to BF 4x with her not being too interested for one of those, and she gets 3 bottles otherwise (so, 7 feeding...
  15. Another "is she getting enough" question!

    I read in the other "Is she getting enough" post, that the rule of thumb is 1 - 1.5 oz for each hour away so given I'm away 9 hours, that's 9 - 13.5 oz. Is that right? I have a hard time believing...
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    Re: Storage in glass bottles?

    Thanks! I took the evenflo's out of the pack and sure enough the medela caps work. I happen to have a Dr. Brown glass and plastic bottle and the thread pattern is different-- you're right, the medela...
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    Storage in glass bottles?

    Anyone know of 5 (or 8 oz) glass bottles that come with lids (vs nipples that you can't close tight to store)?

    I use a medela pump and have been storing milk in their plastic bottles and want to...
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    Re: Lopsided milk production!

    Yes, I think it used to be the reverse for me too, with the right producing more. I'm just concerned it's progressing further in the wrong direction-- my right often feels soft. I would think that...
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    Lopsided milk production!

    I don't know how or when exactly this came to be (I've been breast feeding for 6 months now), but since I've been back at work for the last month my right side is producing 1 - 2 ounces and the left...
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    Anyone use/know about Shatavari?

    Hey mammas,

    I don't know much but heard Shatavari could help supply. I was trying to boost before heading back to work and took it for a week then stopped. I then noticed I wasn't pumping as much,...
  21. Coordinating feeding/pumping with caretaker

    I'm into my second week back at work and my 5 month old daughter is very inconsistent about her sleeping and eating schedule. I know some people just pump at set times, like 9, 12, and 3, but I don't...
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