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  1. Re: Holistic pediatrician? San Jose?

    I know there is one in SF called GetzWell Pediatrics. I've heard good things about the practice, but we have not been able to go there because of our insurance. Maybe they could recommend someone in...
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    Re: Thrush-What to do about baby?

    My pediatrician was reluctant to treat my son (he had no symptoms) but I certainly did. She finally gave me the nystatin, but it made him horribly gassy and upset, so I think I stopped it after two...
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    Re: Today Marks One Year

    Aww happy birthday to your little man, and congrats to you on your amazing dedication! :love
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    Re: Kefir in a sippy?

    It's pretty thick, have you tried a straw cup? I bet that would be a little easier.
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    Re: How do I know if its mold?

    What kind of pump do you have? You can usually get Medela parts at Target or BRU. Medela parts I usually had to order online. You can also soak the tubing in hot water or put rubbing alcohol through...
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    Re: Best Hospital Grade Pump?

    I used the Ameda Elite for both kids and was very pleased. I got a killer deal on a refurbished one from a man that repairs them. You can adjust the speed and suction level and it's very easy to set...
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    Re: Milk in tubing. Help!

    Do the little white membranes need to be replaced or cleaned? You can separate them from the yellow part and clean them well. Milk used to back up for me when the bottles got too full. Also, rinse...
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    Re: Jaundice!! Help!

    She DOES NOT have to stop breastfeeding. Ask her to find out what the Bili levels are. If they get too high, yes it can be dangerous. But with the use of a bili light, and nursing that baby as much...
  9. Re: Connection between food and thrush?

    Sugar, starches, and carbs can feed yeast. So if you come down with thrush, it's good to cut them from your diet. Many of those things are found in foods that are fermented or have yeast, breads,...
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    Re: I hate this. I truly hate it.

    :ita and FWIW my son showed no signs/symptoms of thrush when I had it. But it definitely cleared up after treatment for me. Good luck mama! Hope you find some relief soon! :gvibes
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    Re: I hate this. I truly hate it.

    :hug I also wanted to see if you've been treated for thrush. Sounds exactly like what I was experiencing when I had it! I was put in a 10day dose of diflucan, I don't remember the dosage. But after...
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    Re: Brown Sugar Pop Tarts

    I have nothing to add except I was totally addicted to those when I was pg with DS1. Hey, if it works, keep on keepin' on! Maybe your body needed the extra calorie boost! :gvibes
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    Re: Oh!!! no, no, no, help, help

    :ita I had two sets of bottles. And would just alternate between them. Made it much easier than pouring, and swapping, and storing. Etc. I kept a box of bags in my desk and any leftover went into a...
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    Re: No meconium yet?

    :clap yay for poop! Both mine came out pooping all over the place. :lol
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    Re: Medela PISA..Ugh

    So glad you're able to pump more! There is nothing more stressful!

    I once saw a PG test in a Taco Bell bathroom when I was a teen. :lol People take them in all sorts of places I guess.
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    Re: Medela PISA..Ugh

    You're hubby sounds great! :lol are you drinking enough fluids? When i wasnt drinking enough i would notice a significant drop.

    Any chance you can rent a better pump to see if that helps? Maye...
  17. Re: what do i look for in my diet re: allergies

    Drool and teething can definitely cause diarrhea. Has it cleared up today? Or she could have just picked up a little tummy virus. And I agree w/ the previous poster. If it continues I'd worry, if it...
  18. Re: Suspect Thrush and totally demoralized!

    I got mine from my OB. He consulted with the LC(same office) and gave me a script. I didn't even have to see him. I don't remember the dosage, but it was a 10 day supply. Good luck mama! Thrush is no...
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    Re: Shelf stable finger foods?

    We did the standard cheerios, puffed rice, shredded cheese (not exactly shelf stable but easy to have on hand), and I love the Brothers All Natural freeze dried fruit. I think my friend gets them at...
  20. Re: What formula is "cloest" in taste to breastmilk?

    :clap it sounds like you are doing everything you can! That's great about the hospital pump! Keep it up mama! I hope they find some answers for you soon. :hug
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    Re: Cleaning a PIS

    :ita you can take the motor out of the bag usually. I have mine out. You could try washing the bag, but smoke smell is hard to remove.

    And Medelas are not a closed system. So there is the...
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    Re: Weird brown stuff in poop??

    Was it a fresh banana? My kids would get those little brown things when they ate fresh bananas. :gvibes
  23. Re: What formula is "cloest" in taste to breastmilk?

    I've also read that this is the only formula out there without Corn Syrup in it, if that's important to you. They also make a "Nutritional Drink" with Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor, but I believe...
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    Re: Hives from breastfeeding?

    I wouldn't call them hives, but I had a horrid post partum rash that lasted for months and months. I used the benadryl cream rather than the pill form. Dr. Suggested it. It has less of a chance of...
  25. Re: Who else skipped the blood test at 9 mo?

    We weren't offered one :shrug I seem to remember DS1 having a blood draw from his toe, but I thought that was lead. Maybe they do both at the same time.
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