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  1. Need ideas for gentle nightweaning for 17mo

    Hi mommies,

    My son is 17mo and nurses regularly, including overnight. This was fine when we were co-sleeping but recently he decided that he prefers his toddler bed and so I'm either up quite a...
  2. Oops - fridge door ajar - toss or keep the milk?

    Hubby had a midnight snack and left the refrigerator door ajar...:gg I discovered it about six hours later - everything inside had condensation on it and was basically at room temperature......
  3. Re: My dd uses me to go to sleep every n

    LOL! My LO is 6.5 months and exactly the same!! I can't help but laugh when I think he's asleep and I finally get my nipple free and then without missing a beat his little lips go searching for it...
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    Re: Support needed :(

    Hang in there!!!

    I was so surprised by my DH when our LO was born - he is a totally great dad but he was embarrassed when I would breastfeed in front of anyone (not many of our friends BF so he...
  5. Re: I just can't seem to make pumping wo

    You've probably tried this already but I find that looking at pictures of my LO while pumping makes a BIG difference. I load up my phone with pictures (especially from his newborn days) and scroll...
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    Re: Grunting/Straining during BF

    I've been offering an array of solids - so far the things that he seems to have actually eaten a bit of include broccoli, lentils, sweet potato, pumpkin, steamed apple, cauliflower, yogurt, and some...
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    Grunting/Straining during BF

    My LO is 6.5 months old and EBF. We have been playing around with BLW for about 3 weeks now and he eats a little (judging from his nappy) but mostly it's play. He may or may not be getting his...
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    Re: ameda purely yours tips?

    Hmmm, my APY doesn't beep... I don't think... of course now I'm going to listen for it! I bought a knit sports bra at the dollar store and cut a slit in each cup, I slide the horn in and it works...
  9. Re: breastfeeding in public... suggestio

    Personally, I'd forget the special nursing shirt... my first few times out, I wore a nursing shirt and it was such a hassle to unhook my bra and wrestle my boob out the special slot in the shirt, and...
  10. Re: Help with Breastpump decision...

    HI, I'm in a similar position - right now I am in the office 2 days a week. I agonized over a pump decision. I had a single Medela electric pump passed on from a colleague that I used occasionally...
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    Re: Pumping and storing schedule

    Thanks Mommies! This is helpful. It's a relief to know I don't need to necessarily pump on my home days - a colleague of mine who is a huge breastfeeding proponent said she had a freezer full of...
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    Pumping and storing schedule

    My LO is 6 months old and I have just started back to work last week. Right now I am in the office on M and F and working from home on T-W-Th. On days I am in the office, I nurse LO to sleep before...
  13. Re: 9 month old night time strategy ques

    I just had to laugh at this! My LO thinks the ceiling fan is his very best friend. Always greets it with a big smile. Lucky for him, we have one in almost every room of the house! LOL
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