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  1. Re: Is 10 MO too young to nightwean? LO doesn't nurse in the

    My hubs gets tons of alone time after we go to sleep. He is naturally someone who goes to sleep late, wakes up early. Even when things are normal he goes to sleep way after me. I am somebody who...
  2. Is 10 MO too young to nightwean? LO doesn't nurse in the day

    Hey all.

    I need to nightwean my 10 MO. This is my second child. Both EBF. My first was also an all night nurser and I nightweaned with Dr. Jay Gordon's method at about 15 months, and continued...
  3. Re: 26 month old son nursing ALL.THE.TIME????

    My daughter is pretty close in age, she was born 1/25/10 and she wants to nurse ALL OF THE TIME as well. We bed share but nightweaned at 18 months because I was becoming an extra terrestrial being...
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    Re: Twiddling

    I have two moles on my stomach that are now scarred and sometimes bleed from my daughter's incessant twiddling. If it's not either mole it's my other nipple. I have tried to cover them with band-aids...
  5. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.


    So they honeymoon was great! Thanks! As far as pumping goes, I wasn't really able to extract more than a half ounce from each boob at a time, it was painful at first, then my supply...
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    Re: Bad latch after strike-any ideas?

    I don't have any advice for you but keep up the good work!!! Why do you say your LO is FTT. 18 mos and 22 pounds is about what my daughter is and she's completely normal, just petite. You're doing...
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    Re: The twiddling just got worse

    I do the same things as you all. Cover my other nipple with anything I can- my hand, shirt, bra, etc. She digs in. I also nurse the top breast when laying on my side in bed so she can't get to the...
  8. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    I just wanted to let you all know I never ended up night weaning. I had DH read the info the night before and he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this and the answer was no. I just wasn't...
  9. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    Thank you so much! We are starting this Tuesday night as that is Dad's "Friday". I'll keep you posted!
  10. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    Thanks Ladies. I checked out the method and I am going to show it to DH and see if he is on board. We have a 1 BR apt. Did either of you cosleep? Were your husbands in the room through all this? I'm...
  11. leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    Hi ladies. My DH and I are taking our honeymoon finally for 10 days. Our daughter will be 18 months and staying with each of our parents for a few days. I'm wondering if I should wean her- like just...
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    Frozen defrosted a bit- refreeze?

    I have frozen breastmilk that I transported and it thawed a bit- not entirely, just partially. Can I refreeze it? How do you know if breastmilk has gone bad?
  13. starting solids- is schedule necessary?

    My EBF daughter is 6 months old and I have started with solids. I haven't been that aggressive with it, not for any reason, I just don't see that it needs to be a rush really if she is growing and...
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    Re: Co-Sleeping and Nursing Poll

    My DD is 6 mos old and we cosleep. Occasionally she will nap in the crib in our room or if she falls asleep in my arms I will put her down in the crib until her first nightwaking. Most of the time we...
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    Re: Flying with Milk

    What do you ladies think about packing my pump in my luggage and checking it? I am going on a short flight with my LO but need my pump at the destination. I will bring my milk on board with me though.
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    Anti Perspirant OK?

    Hi Ladies. I was wondering if anyone knew if using Anti Perspirant is safe during breastfeeding? I haven't come across that much information about whether the aluminum will enter the breastmilk....
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