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  1. DETOX diet while nursing 18 month old?

    Hi there, visited with my MD yesterday and he wants me to follow his elimination diet in combination with UltraClear for a week to try and detect any food allergies I might have. --I've been having...
  2. "Sour" smell of thawed bm getting worse?

    Hi there, still nursing one year old and plan to continue... BUT have been having trouble with my frozen bm going "sour" since I began freezing some early on (guess I have high levels of lipase.)...
  3. Re: Darn Sudafed- suffering decreased milk supply

    Hi, I used to get sinus infections all the time and I know it's miserable! :hug

    Try saline drops/spray several times a day with Breathe Right strips at night. Ayr makes a good menthol saline mist....
  4. OALD only during the day and on one side??

    Hello and thanks in advance for your input!

    For the past few days my 8 week old has been choking and whining when on the right breast no matter what postion I try. When he pulls off I don't...
  5. Re: 5 week old -baby seems to get lazy then frustrated while nursing

    I will try burping him more often and see if that helps. He may have just gotten used to the bottle and not having to work for it so his jaw muscles get tired, as mentioned.

    Today I've been...
  6. 5 week old -baby seems to get lazy then frustrated while nursing

    I pumped for three weeks to allow my cracked and bleeding nipples to heal (After two weeks of unsuccessful latching and using a nipple shield the hospital sent me home with, which honestly didn't...
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