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    EP back to BF?

    My DD is going to be 6 months old in a few weeks....and I am so tired of the pump. Is there any way to get DD to go to BF again? I BF for the first couple of days but then she just stopped wanting...
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    BF & Migraines

    So I had been suffering from a horrible migraine yesterday and today. This morning (about 9am) I used the zomig nasal spray. Good news, it worked. Bad news, didn't check about safety with BF,...
  3. Balancing workload with Pumping

    I have been successfully EP'ing for 5 months now, and have no intentions on quitting....but I am having a problem with balancing a heavy workload and finding time to pump. I already come in early so...
  4. Re: I just hired a Medela Symphony..

    I also just wipe the horns down with a tissue or burp cloth...a lot of moms also put the other parts in the refrigerator (I don't knwo what the parts are called...but you hook the horns up to them...
  5. Re: Question about exclusively pumping

    Many people will discourage you from pumping, but sometimes its just a better fit. I EP my daughter and I don't mind at all.

    I tried to EBF at first and I just had a hard time. Despite meeting...
  6. Need to relactate or a supply issue?

    I have finally recovered and healed from having mastitis and an abscess, and I have never regained my supply. When I went to have my abscess drained the doctor said it looked like some of the ducts...
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    Re: Drying up?? Help!

    I found fenugreek at Wal-Mart! It is in the supplements section. I originally looked by the prenatal vitamins, but they are not there. They should be in alphabetical order. If you can't find it...
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