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  1. Does this sound like good progress?

    Before Day 1: Squeeze breasts an milk reluntantly comes out. Looks more like colustrum with the thick sticky clear and white swirls. (Nothing when pumped)

    End of Day 2: Easier to squeeze milk out....
  2. Re: Is it possible?! (1 month break?)

    Actually just got an email from Dr. Jack Newman saying the drug was out of my system and breastmilk already. YAY!
  3. Re: Is it possible?! (1 month break?)

    I only have a single electric pump.. so do I pump 15 minutes one breast. Rest 15 minutes, then 15 minutes OTHER breast.. OR Do I pump 15 minutes each breast and "rest" meaning, going to a different...
  4. Re: Is it possible?! (1 month break?)

    Thanks! I will check out those links.

    I haven't tried to nurse her too much - only to see if she would take to my breast. She still will - without any argument so that is good. (She never was...
  5. Is it possible?! (1 month break?)

    I stopped breast feeding due to the fact her pedi (who is also my family doctor) told me I couldn't take it with the ADD medication I needed to take. So I reluctantly stopped BF. However, I have...
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