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    Re: Pediatrician's Advice

    You've already gotten a lot of great advice, which I agree with (mostly, just IGNORE your ped!)... but I wanted to add that I night-weaned my daughter at 21 mos, and we still co-sleep. It took 9...
  2. Re: 22 mos old + 2 year molars + bad lat

    I do the singing thing at night... she is night-weaned, so I don't let her fall asleep nursing anymore. She nurses, and then sometimes I sing, or something I just count to 10- she knows what it...
  3. 22 mos old + 2 year molars + bad latch

    + me being 25 weeks pregnant... and it all adds up to OUCH!

    I don't know what to do about my DD's latch. She still nurses at nap time, bed time and she does a cluster nurse for about an hour...
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    Re: Twiddling

    AH! My DD just started doing this at like 20 mos! And it's driving me NUTS! I'm pregnant as well, so my nips are sore, and I just cannot take it. I move her hand right away. In fact, if I even...
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