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  1. Re: 12 month old wakes frequently, nurses for hours


    How would you feel about trying a dairy free diet for a few weeks? If it doesn't improve at all in a week, that's likely not the cause....
  2. Re: Period kills supply- dr recommends reglan?

    I've had huge success with a magnesium supplement for monthly dips in supply. KellyMom recommends a calcium/magnesium supplement combination but I use magnesium oil (magnesium chloride flakes...
  3. Re: 15 month old will only nurse to sleep- Help!


    How do you feel about a don't borrow trouble from the future approach? Many moms have taken...
  4. Re: Help! Pumping for a preemie & slept through 2 night sess

    Hi mama. Congrats on your new baby! What a stressful situation! A baby rarely feeds on a strict schedule. If you need extra sleep, could you work out a different pumping schedule with your lc so that...
  5. Re: Help with breastfeeding and sleeping through the night


    Ignore the article itself as waiting it out isn't for you right now but check out the book recommendations and link at the bottom. The...
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    Re: Breastfeeding all night! Help!

    Your situation sounds very similar to the issues I had with my children. Has anyone suggested cutting dairy out of your diet?...
  7. Re: 9 Hours of Sleep??, Supply, Dream Feeds


    IME this is an age where many babies are just a little bit disinterested in breastfeeding. My little one is also...
  8. Re: Gassy Baby won't sleep--what am I doing wrong?

    Do you mean concentrate on feeding the baby more formula or actually prepare it in a more concentrated manner? The former seems unnecessary as baby gained well this week. The latter can be dangerous...
  9. Re: Nursing and an imminent medical procedure


    I'd recommend homemade bone broth as a calorie and nutrient dense clear liquid.
  10. Re: 2 year old nurses like a newborn

    I put limits on my then almost three year old nursing habits at the end of my pregnancy due to pain and after the baby came due to nursing aversion. Had nursing him not felt so physically unpleasant...
  11. Re: Calcium/Magnesium supplement during menstruation

    I buy magnesium chloride flakes on amazon and make my own liquid at home using this recipe http://empoweredsustenance.com/magnesium-oil-uses/

    I'm not the greatest at remembering pills either so i...
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    Re: When Did Your Child Self Wean?

    I'm nursing my oldest at 3 years 9 months. I'm having a similar experience as maddieb. While I'd imagined a completely child led weaning, my needs changed when i became pregnant again and especially...
  13. Re: Calcium/Magnesium supplement during menstruation




    I have a ton of...
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    Re: What did she do to me?

    It sounds like a slept day after a growth spurt. Baby goes crazy upping your supply, then sleeps away the next day or two. When I get blocked ducts in my armpit area, they are always fairly small....
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    Re: Cayenne Pepper supplements

    Bumping this for you though you may have beat the cold already. Has he ever reacted badly to spice in your food before?
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    Re: Baby cries for table food!

    This was exactly the way my youngest son was. Plain silverware just didn't fool him. After thinking through much of what maddieb explained, we started giving him homemade bone broth at five months....
  17. Re: Co-sleeping - late bedtime issues and frequent waking

    Dr Sears sleep book
  18. Re: Co-sleeping - late bedtime issues and frequent waking


    Was there any change in environment at four months? New pajamas, hygiene products, sheets washed in new laundry soap, solids...
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    Re: Arousal during BFing

    The hormones involved in milk production and let down are the same as those involved in sex. So there's naturally going to be a little overlap especially as toddler gets older and develops a more...
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    Re: Tips for Nipple Shield Weaning

    My son had torticollis as a newborn as well. It caused him a lot of issues with latching on my right side but he gained beyond well anyway. My local LLL had a guest speaker a few months later. He was...
  21. Re: Recurring plugged duct with 14 month old

    Sunflower lecithin (soy works too but I try to avoid gmo's) is supposed to help with recurring clogged ducts. It prevents the fat from sticking together as much. Most of the time when I've gotten...
  22. Re: Low Milk Supply In Baby #1 -Advice For #2


    I found a few resources in your area that may be helpful. One is free...
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    Re: increased nursing at 3yo??

    Yay! It was a great, quick read. I hadn't realized that children go through periods of motor skill instability. I did notice my son was very clumsy and went through a terrible stuttering phase at...
  24. Re: feeding to sleep plus frequent night wakings

    Hawkeye- mom, I think personality plays a lot into how often/well a baby sleeps. My oldest was a very...
  25. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When you return home from an errand to be greeted with "hi boobies!"
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