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    Re: post-partum depression?

    I sort of feel the same way. I'm pretty sure I'm having some PPD issues, I had them with #1 too. For me at least part of it is my nursing sessions are the only time I get to sit down and relax a...
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    Re: refusing bottle

    What sort of nipples are you trying?

    I'm having the same problems with my 6 week old baby. He has refused about 10 different types of bottle nipples. I'm not trying to wean him at all but I just...
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    Re: Where Do I Buy Domperidone?

    I use it and it works great for me. I tried all the herbs and extra pumping ect with no results but the domperidone worked great to bring up my supply to the point were very minor supplementation...
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    Re: Question about WIC...

    At least in our state (my SIL's friend is on WIC) if you have any deviation from the normal foods they give everyone (or the formula they give everyone) you need a doctor's note. For example her...
  5. Constantly nursing, how long should this last?

    My DS is 3.5 weeks old and nurses constantly. The longest he will go in-between nursing sessions is 1.5hrs but that usually only happens once at night otherwise we are having a full nursing session...
  6. Northeast Wisconsin/Upper Michigan groups?


    I'm in the WI/MI border (pembine if anyone happens to be from the area). I'm looking for a LLL group. The closest one I could find online is about 1.5hrs away which is a bit far with a...
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