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  1. Re: EBF but not gaining weight well and I'm scared

    Yep, nursing on demand, and offering the breast in between. We'd had an almost 15 percent loss initially after birth but gained that back really well. I've always been careful to nurse on demand......
  2. EBF but not gaining weight well and I'm scared

    Hi There, my LO is 4 months and 1 week. He was born at the 75th percentile, dropped and stayed at 50th, then was down to 25th at his 2 month check and now is down to the 10th percentile. Length and...
  3. Re: Need advice on spacing out feedings, co-sleeping.

    Don't worry about transitioning him to a bed. My LO is 3.5 months, co-slept from a few days on and we transitioned him to his bed for the beginning of the night just a week ago. It worked...
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    Re: Persistance Pays

    Thanks for posting this! My DS (my 3rd child also) has been having trouble with weight gain and with nursing in general. It's been very frustrating and a bit of a fight to keep going this time. ...
  5. Re: can't get baby off nipple shield! want to quit all toget

    Don't quit! Even if you can't get him off the nipple shield... you can continue. I was given one with my first child... couldn't get her off it! We nursed 12 months in total, I pumped at work and...
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    Some succes!! But now what????

    So, finally I get to post something positive. Anyone who saw my last posts knows I've been having a heck of a time nusing my LO (3rd child, the other 2 were nursing wonders by...
  7. Re: Need more help... I'm losing this battle I think

    Just to update. The last 2 days we're doing a little better. My breasts are fuller again (I'm using fenugreek and drinking more water). We go to the lactation consultant and am praying for a...
  8. Re: nursing for hours on end and no napping

    Hang in there! My 3 week old went through the same thing and we made the huge mistake of supplementing and have now gone to the other end of the spectrum and are having trouble getting him to take...
  9. Need more help... I'm losing this battle I think

    I posted about 2 weeks ago that my LO was nursing nursing all day long then gulping down a pumped supplement (which we had started because of poor weight regain)

    Here I am 10 days or so later. ...
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    Re: Still can't nurse my 2 mo old

    Just wondering. The Medela Clama nipple. Isthat for a bottle? I am supplementing my breastfeeding with a pumped bottle when he finishes nursing and still acts hungry. He had lost significant...
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    Re: I wanna cry - difficulties!!

    I'm afraid I haven't got much to offer in the way of help. Just wanted to encourage you to hang in there. Not a good gain ( we got this news today as well, about half of what he should have gained)...
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    Re: 8-week old crying for hours

    This is tough! I've been lucky with my first 2 and hoping for continued luck here with my third, but my niece had this behavior.... horrible!
    Often these are symptoms of overstimulation too. Try...
  13. Re: new here with supplementing question... please help!

    Thanks so very much for the support. I remember at this point having a heck of a time with my first son, your talking about your 5 and 8 y.o. helped too. It's nice to know I'm not alone with these...
  14. Re: new here with supplementing question... please help!

    Thanks for the good suggestions and support! Am going to try the switch nursing and the sling. He is the most cuddly baby of all 3 and frankly, I find it hard to put him down at times knowing he's...
  15. Re: new here with supplementing question... please help!

    Hi again Brooke

    I nurse him on the first side until he stops or falls asleep, so I'm thinking he's getting the hindmilk (hoping anyway) Also, I'm pumping after nursing or if I have to give myself...
  16. new here with supplementing question... please help!

    Hi everyone. I just found this forum and am hoping I can get some good suggestions! I am a 3rd time mom to a 3 week old. I ebf my daughter (now 7) despite a very rough start (had to have my...
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