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  1. Re: Feeding Schedule and Number of Meals Per Day?

    Felicia I would just feed him his solids about the same time every day....like you have been doing. I f it bothers you alotl thenfeed him more solids. TTYL.
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    Re: What am I doing wrong??!

    at least a week is what they normally suggest
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    Re: poop not always seedy?

    I think so. As long as your lo is healthy I wouldn't worry about it:) HTH
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    Re: What am I doing wrong??!

    :hug :hug :hug I am sorry you are having such a hard time.Have you tried gas relief drops or changing your diet to see if he is allergic to anything?:hug
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    Re: 1 month until adoption

    Have you started trying to induce lactation?Have you named your little baby girl yet? When are you susposed to get/have her?
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    Re: 1 month until adoption

    I don't know much about induced lactation but I did want to say Congratulations on your baby girl:)
  7. Re: Some background info given, and help needed.

    :hello :hug I don't know hardly anything about relactating except that the more you put the baby on your breasts...the skin to skin contact can also help stimulate milk production. HTH and hopefully...
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    Re: how much?

    It is however much your lo is willing to eat. I started with giving my dd rice cereal then bananas...you just start giving them basic fruits and vegtables. Then after that you have given your lo all...
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    Re: Tears in my eyes...

    :ita Yes the bf relationship is sooooo wonderful:love :hug It is the specila looks our loved ones gives you while nursing:hug
  10. Re: Can I nurse one side and use other for pumping?

    I have tried that before and it did work.:) You could pump anyways on one side one feeding and the other side on another feeding that way it can stayed balanced. HTH
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    Re: Adoption????

    :hello Hello and:hug hugs to you for wanting to do this. I have been wanting to adopt for quite some time now.....I don't think we will unless I have another mc. God bless you and may you get to...
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    Re: teething biscuits

    :hello I personally haven't tried making teething biscuits but I did start giving dd biter biscuits by Gerber once I realized that she was teething. All she did was try to chew on them and sucked on...
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    Re: How can I make this work?

    First off welcome to the forum.:hello Now with bfing it is supply and demand (as you know with your other 2 los). There are herbal teas and other things out there to help boost your supply. The are...
  14. Re: Anyone one have expreience w/ a small baby?

    all I can say is bf on demand and try your best to not give your lo formlula. Congrats on your new baby.:D :hug :bfing
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    Re: Oh My Gosh!!!

    Horrah!!!!!!!! Congrats! TTY in a min
  16. Re: problem with milk production.help

    How old is your son? With bf it is easiest to let him nurse on demand. You can tell if he is getting enough by his pee and poop output. It is possible to relactate and I do know it is hard work. I...
  17. Re: question for those who feed their baby baby food

    as the pps said the differences is mostly in the texture and how big the jar size is. btw AJsmommy that website is really neat.:D
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    Re: Back On Board!

    Yay! I am so glad that you are back on board!:) :hug Hugs to you for trying so hard to relactate. Sorry I wasn't online yesterday. I'll be online until about 3:30pm central time. TTYL.
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    Re: Should I bother?

    Give it a go Felicia. I know you want to give him the bm. If you can't "nurse" him then at least he can get it in a bottle. TTYL.
  20. Re: Having a Hard time finding a job I can take dd with me

    I didn't think about opening my own daycare...thank you:)
  21. Having a Hard time finding a job I can take dd with me

    I am having such a hard time finding a job I can take dd with me. I live in TN and thought about working at a Daycare place...but then we got the "bratty" kids and bullies to deal with too. So I...
  22. Re: Cluster feedings today & now no dirty diapers!

    Hello! My dd went through the same thing and what I ended up giving her some water in a bottle (I know nipple confusion could potentionally be a problem) and it helped her out alot and started...
  23. Re: Baby gained 1 pound in 5 1/2 weeks, should I be concerned?

    I don't have a good answer for you on some of your questions but different scales act differently ecspecially if dc was weighed with a diaperon and then the next day not. What is dc diaper outpyt(pee...
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    Re: Big time biter!

    Hello Garrysmum! I would like to be the first to say Congrats! YOur ds will either self wean while your are pregnant or torwards the end start pumping out some bm for him while you are away from him....
  25. Re: 3 days old and crying when latching!! help!!

    I have been reading your post and I am glad everything is going well for you and your new daughter. Congrats again!
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