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    Re: Do we need to brush after nursing?

    It is my understanding that breastmilk alone on the teeth will not cause decay. Just make sure you brush last thing at night to get all the food particles off his teeth. Formula can cause decay...
  2. Re: Should I keep baby in the room while in hosptial?

    It's a personal decision, but I would recommend staying with the baby. I don't know how bfing friendly your hospital is, but there is always the risk of the nurses giving the baby formula. Besides,...
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    Re: Breastfed for 5 1/2 years

    That's wonderful! At the moment I am nak my 29 month old, so I know how you feel about them telling you how much they love it.
  4. Re: anyone here who's DH didn't agree with extended BF?

    When DD #1 was a baby, I originally thought I would nurse until she was 18 months old, max. Then as she got older, I decided I would allow her to self-wean. DH was against this at first, but as she...
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