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  1. Re: 15 month old nurses all night long! Help!

    OMG...this is me to a tee! EXCEPT I have been doing this since day one with my 16 month old. I want to wean him know. He won't have it . I work full time and my husband and I just seperated so it...
  2. Still Nursing and wanted to Say HI!

    So, I haven't been on in months and months...I just wanted to come on and say hi since everyonce in a while I have a moment and check this thing and wonder what happened to her and what happened to...
  3. Re: BM, immune system - is it enough? Help, need support!

    I think we need to open a section for sick daycare babies...welcome to the club...it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Re: urgent - how do you give a BF lo meds?

    Good luck...my lo has had diarrhea for 16 days, ear infection, and upper respiratory infection...I am trying to give 2 different meds 1/4 tsp and 7cc:yikes ..he loves the 1/4 tsp and hates the 7ccs...
  5. Re: What is your 7-8 mo old eating?

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but do cheerios have nuts in them????????????Maybe I am reading it wrong...LO loves Cheerios and has for the last month...no teeth no prob...they disolve in his mouth!
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    Re: Vitamin D?

    Heck, I live in Texas and was told to give them, but I can't find them to buy them...Now 8 months later nothing else has been said...we go outside everyday though and sometimes for over an...
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    Re: Condensation

    I had this problem also...I tried all the methods that everyone suggests...I am not sure if texas is just so humid or what I finally bought 2 sets to alernate to let the other dry over night after a...
  8. Re: baby not napping at daycare - sleeping all night!

    I am having all the EXACT same issues except for 1 thing...Mine only naps for 2 15 minute times....He is almost 8 mos though...I was not a napper though...My mom keeps drilling this in my head...I...
  9. Re: Content of breastmilk, is this true?

    I was curious about this also since you can only donate BM during a certain time of the babies age...I thought that was odd...
  10. Re: Nutritional value of breastmilk after 1 year

    Yay!!!!! I was not sure if I had to add cows milk to his diet when he is 1....More reasons to keep on trucking I love it....I guess I just assumed that they had to have Cows milk with BM when they...
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    Re: Best books about breastfeeding

    So gthats what they are for **************

    The ultimate Breastfeeding Book Of Answers
  12. Re: Nutritional value of breastmilk after 1 year

    So, should we still feed cows milk and BF after 1 or is BM only okay?
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    Re: Shaking breast milk why bad

    oh wow...I do this too on the rare occasions that LO gets a bottle!
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    Re: Too early!

    When my LO was doing this I would just give him a little piece of fruit in one of those mesh baggie things and it kept him occupied and happy for the time being...He didn't eat a lot, he just pretty...
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    Re: Diet Coke Disaster

    I copied and pasted this from a previous thread that I posted on....

    Hope your babies did better than mine...I have not had any caffine since I found out I was pregnant. I drink water 98% of the...
  16. Re: returning to work- feeling aweful

    :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug

    Been there done that...I still cry thinking about it...

    I have been off again after going back for 2 1/2 months now and fixing to go back...Like PP said its gets...
  17. Re: 2 Teeth Questions (about baby & mom)

    They say most women cavities during preg...Something about the baby taking all your nutrients and stuff...I am not sure if it is true, but that is what everyone has told me...I have to go get some...
  18. Re: Clamping down, then pulling hard~

    Mine too!
  19. Re: Why in the world would I need this?

    I was mainly referring to the bottles and the cooler...It is great! I have never seen anything for sale like the cooler!
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    Re: Pump And Drive?

    Not only the safety of the driving...Thats all we need is a killing by a pumping driver to be on the news...I can just hear it now...Those sexualized people letting their babies suck on their boobs...
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    Re: YUCK! Pump in Bathroom! What?

    I started talking to my friends and the bathroom that she was talking about (the only one that would fit a chair) opens to the hallway...I know now that that won't be an issue because the kids could...
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    Re: YUCK! Pump in Bathroom! What?

    Thanks for all your replies...I am hoping that some of my other friends will have the same conference as me and their rooms will be empty...If all else fails I will pump in my car BEFORE I pump in a...
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    Re: swimming pool chlorine and bf

    Glad to know, Chance like to Bf while we are in the pool in my backyard:rolleyes:
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    Re: YUCK! Pump in Bathroom! What?

    Has anyone had to ever pump at work? Or has any of your bosses ever suggested it?
  25. Re: Why in the world would I need this?

    Hey, Its FREE! I will admit I got all of the kits and use lots of the stuff that came in it...Some come in bags that have freezer blocks, and insulated bags...My similac one came with little 4 oz...
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