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  1. Re: How much to worry about dental decay??

    :hug I'm sorry the dentist visit was so frustrating for you! And yes, I agree that it is good to have a dentist who wants to protect your child's teeth, but I also understand what it feels like to...
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    Re: 1 year today!

    :clap Yay!! Congratulations! You have a lot to be proud of, way to stick it out and keep trying!
  3. Re: 8 month old is becoming a terrible nurser

    :ita I absolutely agree with all that's been said before. That point about the growth charts not reflecting breastfed babies is also an excellent one.

    At DS's 9 month check, I started to worry...
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    Re: First taste of Criticism

    This is how my DS is. He is one (on Thursday) and *usually* he will sign to nurse, but if I miss it or he gets impatient he will start tugging on my shirt to let me know what he wants. If he's...
  5. Re: Why didn't anyone tell me the first time -

    I love this too! Now my DS makes his sign for nursies (I love that term), and then he often claps as he drifts off to sleep. I love knowing when he wants it, sometimes he's in the middle of playing...
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    Re: Poop and the lack thereof

    He pooped at least once a day, usually more like 2-3 times. I might try giving him just veggies for a bit and see how he does... I am trying to stay away from oatmeal because it's not always...
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    Poop and the lack thereof

    I just started my DS on solids (he's 7 months). It's been a week, and he has not pooped at all since starting him on the rice cereal. He is very gassy (and smelly), but that's about i.

    Is this...
  8. Re: Help!! Thinking of giving up. (long..sorry)

    I think Mommal covered all the things I was going to say, so let me just second it!

    I also wanted to add that my DS gained an average of over a pound a week for the first couple months. I...
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    Re: being pressured to use a bottle

    Ugh, I *hate* it when people pressure you to give your baby a bottle! My 6 mo has refused to take the bottle as well, although if I have to leave him to run errands my mom manages to get him to take...
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    Re: Mommy & baby constantly sick

    I'm glad you posted this. It seems my DS and I have been sick constantly this winter, although I know it hasn't been that bad. He got his first cold (accompanied with double ear infections) when he...
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    Re: Tips on drinking milk

    My friend's little boy had the same reaction to CM (in fact, he still won't drink it and he's 6) and refused all but the night time feeding. In the end, her dr suggested that she offer expressed...
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