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    Re: Unable to feed my new born

    That sounds like a rocky start, but hang in there. It is NOT too late to build a solid nursing relationship, but it will take some time, patience and hard work. The first thing to do is to get the...
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    Re: talk to me about pump weaning

    The other thing to keep in mind is that when they are that old, they are not going to starve if they don't get 1 ounce/hour during the day, even if solids are not totally making up the difference....
  3. Re: Pump weaning a week or two early??

    There is no magic thing that happens at 12 months. Some people continue well past the 12 months mark. If it makes sense for you to stop a few weeks early, your child will be just fine!!! If you were...
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    Re: Pressure to introduce formula


    I agree with everything PP said. The only thing I might suggest is to try offering MORE. In the early days, it is common to nurse much more frequently than 2-4 hours. Breastfed babies...
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    Re: Nightweaning a 3 yr old...

    I've been where you are, except in my case I was pregnant, which was both easier and harder. DD1 and I talked a bunch about how the baby was going to need to nurse, and I had resigned myself to...
  6. DH is genius: using a ramekin for feedings!

    With DD1, we never got her to use a bottle, so this time around with DD2 we just haven't bothered to try. I went back to work today (DD2 is 8 months), and DH was home with the baby.

    For cup...
  7. Re: Baby preferring water over expressed BM

    I would definitely NOT offer juice as a replacement (or really at all) though.
  8. Re: Baby preferring water over expressed BM

    When I was in a similar position with DD1, the advice I was given by Dr. Jack Newman (a breastfeeding expert) was that it was OK to give water and solids as a replacement for breastmilk at this age...
  9. Re: !@&#*^@# airport lost my pumped milk!!!!

    I'm honestly not sure what I would do the next time. In the end, I got my milk in time - the milk bank even said it would accept it since it was still partially frozen when it arrived. Clearly being...
  10. Re: !@&#*^@# airport lost my pumped milk!!!!

    Actually on closer examination it looks like there might have been a tiny amount of thawing/refreezing in transit, but definitely not all the way. I'll ask the milk bank if they have concerns about...
  11. Re: !@&#*^@# airport lost my pumped milk!!!!

    False alarm on the thawed milk. DH just came home from the airport with the bag, and it is all STILL FROZEN SOLID after 10 hours in transit. Yippeee!!!
  12. !@&#*^@# airport lost my pumped milk!!!!

    I had 40 oz of frozen breastmilk in a checked bag, coming home from a family holiday home to visit my parents. This was milk I had carefully pumped while away to donate to a milk bank. Normally when...
  13. Re: What is the limit for keeping fresh milk in the fridge?


    Yeah, I like to think of the guidelines as just that. Ideally, milk is freshest in the first few days - the longer you go, the less good it is. But there is not a hard cut-off after which it...
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    Re: Parsnips and frozen milk

    1. whoa, I never knew that about parsnips!!!

    2. I wouldn't be concerned about it from the perspective of the age difference. It's true the milk you pumped back then is different from what she gets...
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    Re: Little driplets of water....

    I find rigorously shaking helps to clear the water out.
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    Re: Supplemental Nursing System

    I'm also someone who gave up on the SNS, so I can't help there. But I also know someone who used it for 2 years, so I know it can be done. I guess you just have to use your judgment about whether...
  17. Re: Struggling today with my re-lactation journey...Please h

    I agree with mommal - don't beat yourself up about what you can't change, and allow yourself to feel good about what you have accomplished. Relactation is not easy, and you really deserve credit.
  18. Re: Is relactation possible after taking Liserdo to stop mil

    Here are some other resources that might help (again, not specifically about your medication).

  19. Re: Is relactation possible after taking Liserdo to stop mil

    I am not familiar with this medication, but I do know it is possible to induce lactation even if you have no milk supply at all, so possible, absolutely yes. I doubt it makes more fundamental changes...
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    Re: Milk dried up suddenly

    Could you be starting your period? If so, it is a temporary dip.

    If you do find you are having trouble keeping up with pumping, there is no reason that you would need to stop breastfeeding while...
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    Re: Dentist info accurate?

    That seems unlikely to me. I would call the folks at motherisk:

  22. Re: Paediatrician wants me to supplement...

    Also, based on the baby's poo and pee output,I am not at all convinced there is a problem with your breastfeeding (what comes out must have gone in, after all...).
  23. Re: Paediatrician wants me to supplement...

    By centile, do you mean quartile? (i.e., I assume you meant your baby had dropped further in the charts than one percentage point, which is not even statistically detectable).

    I think you need a...
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    Re: Iron sources

    Sounds like you're doing well. Here's a list I found:


    I would be wary of using too much blackstrap molasses, since it's a...
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    Re: Can I reuse thawed breastmilk?

    Oh, and the ones that were still frozen,or even mostly frozen, are still fine to put back in the freezer, even under some formal guidelines.
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