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    Re: How to encourage hubby

    Does your husband talk to the baby? I know some guys (my DH too when we had DD1) feel strange having a convo with a baby that couldn't respond back verbally...but when I hand him the baby, and she...
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    Re: Not pooping or Watery yellow poop?

    She will be fussy for a little while until she gets the hang of pooping. With my first, she took about a month or so to get used to pooping and passing gas.
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    Re: Please Help.. desperate

    I also used the medela shell shields and the sandwich. I found that using virgin coconut oil applied on the nipples and areolas before and after feedings a big lifesaver. Using the oil, the cracks...
  4. Re: Nursing mom juggling toddler and new

    You're not alone! My girls are very close in age - a 14 month old and a 3 week old. Wearing the baby helps quite a bit when I'm home alone (DH works 24 hour shifts and we pulled DD1 out of daycare...
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