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  1. Re: Need to get my DD to drink more liqu

    I haven't tried ice for some reason, I need to do that!

    I wanted to sleep train because the thought of a 2yr old STILL waking every 2 hrs (something she's done pretty much since birth) scares the...
  2. Re: Need to get my DD to drink more liqu

    She does own two straw sippy cups and that's pretty much what she uses (when she does use them). She was starting to drink a lot more on her own and then this whole teething thing reared it's ugly...
  3. Need to get my DD to drink more liquids

    My 14m old has recently decreased her urine output and the Dr. and I are pretty sure it's due to my decreasing supply (I'm 9w pregnant).

    This kid barely takes in liquids, she still breastfeeds...
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    Re: Does anyone give LO flax seed oil?

    I had been putting some flaxseed meal in our pancakes, but I was also wondering about the oil.

    Did the flax help with the constipation? My 13m old is struggling with this, because of it, I...
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    Re: Iron Concerns & General Questions

    I did mention the blood test to the Dr. and she seemed put off by the question - almost like I can't believe you want to take blood from your child instead of giving rice cereal. That wasn't my...
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    Iron Concerns & General Questions

    I've been told in the past by my pediatrician at that my DD needs to have iron-fortified foods now that she's older than 6m (she's 9m now). I honestly hate doing rice cereal and, although she enjoys...
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    Re: Raynaud's Syndrome - HELP!!

    I wasn't diagnosed with Raynaud's, but I did have nipple blanching and pain. For me, as soon as the wounds healed, the pain began to subside. Now, 8 months later, I still have nipple blanching but...
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    Re: Any tips on introducing a sippy?

    I agree with the others, my 6m old DD loves her straw sippy and a regular cup (although she doesn't drink, she just gets it in her mouth and 'plays' with it). She probably will never get/like a...
  9. Re: 2 weeks old, not enough weight gain & I already have low milk supply??? suggestio

    What did your doctor say about his weight? He must be getting something to get those wet/poopy diapers!

    If he's not feeding much off that one breast, then it won't make a lot of milk (the whole...
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    Sippy cup question(s)

    My 6m old daughter is very interested in drinking from a cup. Like an adult cup! She's actually pretty good at it, she doesn't seem to like her sippy cup at all. I also discovered that she knows...
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    Re: APNO precautions/successes??

    I used it for 7 weeks straight for sore nipples (didn't have thrush though) and I had no issues whatsoever. I think the ointment actually kept me from getting thrush, as I had open wounds on my...
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    Teething at 13 weeks?!

    My DD is now 13 weeks old and I think she might actually be teething. She has been pretty fussy both on and off the breast, gnawing on my finger, drooling a bit and putting her hands in her mouth. ...
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    Re: Off topic sex question

    Thank you all for your quick responses. I've tried the oral route, but it's hard for me to finish if you know what I mean :). I will just have to give it time I guess. I was getting worried...
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    Off topic sex question

    Sorry if this is TMI, but I don't know where to turn for help!

    I was told that since I was breastfeeding, postpartum sex would be a little painful if I didn't lubricate enough due to lowered...
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    Re: running on empty please help

    Perhaps pumping and then giving her a bottle of breastmilk could give you more time to sleep. Have your husband give her the bottle so you could rest during that time. This way, you're not giving...
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    Re: Please Help!!!!

    From what I know, that pump is one of the best. I was told to pump every 3 hours, both breasts at the same time. Invest in a hands-free pumping bra if you haven't already. I'm sure if you do it...
  17. Re: well ladies...I think I have a plugged duct.

    Just went through something similar on saturday - but I didn't have the fever, just chills and aches. What I think worked for me was letting her feed often on the sore side. I even pumped one night...
  18. Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    Something that helped me generally speaking - I stopped paying attention to the time and just nursed when my DD wanted it. Maybe it was every hour, maybe every 2 or 3. If they have enough wet/dirty...
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    Re: Please Help!!!!

    What kind of pump do you have? I would make sure it's a good electric double pump - or maybe even a hospital grade pump. I used a Medela Pump in Style Advanced and it worked really well to get my...
  20. Re: Newborn wrestles with me at feeding time.

    I agree with pp :ita

    I found that getting them when they are just waking up from a nap (look for those early hunger signs) is the easiest. If my LO is fired up, the feeding is aggressive and she...
  21. Re: FTM in Excruciating Pain From BFing - PLEASE Help

    Have you tried letting her latch herself on (i.e. biological nursing)? I constantly fought with my girl (now 8w old) to do a "texbook" latch until I just let her latch on herself. I have OALD, so...
  22. Bottle Introduction & Feeding Session Length

    Okay, I have two questions that I've been wrestling with.

    1. When can you "safely" incorporate a bottle of breast milk? There might be times where I need to be out of the house for longer than...
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    Screaming at Breast

    So now at the "magical" 6 week period, and instead of pure bliss I am stuck with a screaming baby.

    Breastfeeding is going okay, not perfect, but the sores on my breasts are healing and I do not...
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    Re: Thrush?????

    I would look at your nipples, are they white at the end when you feel the pain? Your symptoms could be a yeast infection, but could also be nipple vasospasms (or Raynaud's). I have nipple...
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    Re: OALD Management

    They are yellow, but can be explosive. They are almost always associated with a fart :D.

    I would love to see the link if you find it!

    She only loses suction when the milk starts...
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