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    bump on breast

    I am worried that I might have mastitis. Does anyone know what the symptoms are? Has anyone else experienced a white bump on their breast. It is a bit painful when my son latches on. TIA
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    HELP! My Baby won't take the bottle!!!!

    My ds is 3 months old. he was born 5 weeks early and was in the NICU for 16days. He took a bottle for the first two months of his life. It took a while for us to get the breastfeeding down due to...
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    Re: Feeling clueless

    I can totally relate to your situation. I have a 2 month old son. He was born five weeks early and I have been having similar experiences. He is breastfeeding but he tends to only actively suck for...
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    Re: can't put newborn down! HELP!

    I am in a similar situation. I totally feel your pain. My son is 8 weeks and does not like to be put down and never seems satisied even after nursing and falling asleep at the breast. Everyone I...
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    Question about Thrush

    I have a few questions about Thrush.

    Question 1: What causes Thrush?
    Question 2: What are the Symptoms for mom and baby?

    I am concerned that I may have Thrush. My LO has a white coating on...
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    Getting your Period-Affect Supply?

    I started spotting today. I had my son March 25th. I know that you may not get your period for up to 6 months. Will getting it early affect my supply? I am very paranoid about keeping my supply up...
  7. Re: How do I know when my baby is actively eating vs. Comfort sucking?

    thanks for the reply.
  8. How do I know when my baby is actively eating vs. Comfort sucking?

    My DS takes a very long time to eat. It can take up to an hour or more. Sometimes I feel that he is not actively eating but actually comfort sucking? How can I tell the difference and should I stop...
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    Purchasing a Mini Freezer For Breast Milk?

    Hey There,

    I have a ton of breast milk stored in the freezer compartment that is part of my refrigerator. However, I want to purchase a mini freezer to store more milk. Are mini-freezers...
  10. Re: Will I affect my supply if I feed one bottle to child?

    Yes. I try to pump twice a day.
  11. Will I affect my supply if I feed one bottle to child?


    My son was born 5 weeks premature so my husband gives him a bottle around 11:00 p.m. with vitamins. He gives a bottle with a fairly large amount which also gets him to sleep at least 2 1/2-3...
  12. Re: Need help weaning my baby off the nipple shield

    I am in a similar situation. My son was born 5 weeks early. He was actually due May 1st. I have been trying to wean him off of the nipple shield as well. I have found that sometimes he will...
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