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  1. Re: New mom excited, scared, and in pain. Help?

    My dd does the same thing with her head. she shakes it back and forth a few times before latching on and usually misses and latches in a VERY uncomfortable way. and she also hates me holding her...
  2. Re: need help transitioning from breast shield to breast

    I'm actually in transition myself.
    the day before yesterday i decided it was time to wean her off. the best way i've found to get her to latch (if she wasn't interested) is to lay back, lay her on...
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    Re: 2 month-old won't take bottle!

    my dd wouldn't take the bottles that have the clear nipples because they seem to be harder than the rubber ones. i bought a pack of the orange rubber ones that are softer and now she will take it! i...
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    Re: Pulling off and screaming

    she didn't do this overnight, it usually lasts from 8-11pm. it can also be during the day, or anytime really. then she would sleep 5 hours before waking up again to eat. they just like to tank up so...
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    Re: Co-Worker

    I'm going back to work tomorrow and i plan to pump. i'm only 21 and all my coworkers are older and have older kids, so i will be totally out of my element with parents. i wouldn't have it any other...
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    Re: Ouch!!!

    I've had dd on the shield since the beginning, and i too, just started weaning off. it DOES hurt! I've tried calling the LC at the hospital and no one seems to want to help me. i've guessed that its...
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    Re: Pulling off and screaming

    does she do it all day, or during a certain time of day? my dd has what's called "fussy nights" and "cluster feeding". she is fussy all evening and wants to nurse every .352 seconds. but when i try...
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