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  1. Re: 11 month old eating/feeding enough?

    I am having some of the same problems, which is in part why I am now transitioning to sippy cups and just skipping hte bottle. He would not take the bottle, although he used to at daycare twice a...
  2. Re: how to wean off of bedtime nursing

    thank you both! I know that most moms here continue feeding beyond 1, I appreciate you understanding and not beoing judgemental.:gvibes
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    Re: Still not using sippies :(

    That was how I got my son to use a sippy, he is 11 months old and has been using one since 6 months! He now uses regular sippy's all different kinds.
  4. Re: how to wean off of bedtime nursing

    He is almost 12 months. I am trying to wean entirely. He is down to just two feedings.
  5. how to wean off of bedtime nursing

    I am gradually weaning my son. He was feeding four to five times and then eating three meals and two snacks. I noticed that he began to drink less and less when he went ot daycare. We are starting to...
  6. Re: Advice on partial weaning 1-year old who nurses all day long

    I agree with getting out of the house. I have weaned down to two feedings by using this method. If I dont leave the house he will become adament about nursing. He will drink his sippy much better if...
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    Re: Night weaning approaches?

    I slowly moved th etime up over a course of two months, where I woudl encourage him to go a little longer. FOr example, my lo would eat 8pm, 12, 230, 430 and then 630...AGHHHH too much when working...
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    Re: Please share your weaning story

    :love:love:lovethat story, it makes me feel better about weaning my little bug
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    Re: Need opinion, FAST!

    Dont feel like a failure! I struggled with people beleiveing that the baby was not eating henoguh. he wiould cry at first when the bottle emptied because he liked to suck, nursing takes longer. I...
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    Re: 8 month old feeding schedule...

    It is almost like you wrote out my 7 mos almost eight mos schedule. He eats more finger foods though. He likes yogart and cottage cheese too. We just try to give him a little variety. I chop up...
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    Re: Teething and breastfeeding

    That is what happened with my son they were red around the top edge and below and white i the middle, then two teeth popped out:)
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    Re: Conflicted...HELP

    Thank you all for your replies. He has been sleeping through the night, which is awesome! I continue to BF, however I have taken out one feeding plus the night feeding and am supplementing with...
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    Re: help! breastfeeding difficulties!

    You could also do breast compressions, which may be easier to prepare the breast. The position of the baby seems to make a difference for my DD depending on the time of day. I think it has something...
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    Re: Having Hard Time With Last Feeding

    is the food making her gassy and uncomfortable?
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    Re: Conflicted...HELP

    he is a little over six months.
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    We want to have babies close together. I am currently nursing and have not gotten AF. Is there anyway that I can get AF without stopping nursing? Any suggestions on how to bring it on? I would really...
  17. Re: Once your supply is well established do you have to pump so often?

    I typically pump out between 10-12 ounces during an 8-9 hour period. I send more than this with him to day care, so I pump again at night. I guess I am wondering if I pull back on the pumping ot see...
  18. Once your supply is well established do you have to pump so often?

    I have been pumping during the work day since lo was 10 weeks old. He is now a little over 5 months. Do I still have to pump every 2-3 hours, or do you think I can go longer. Is there a difference...
  19. Re: Almost 6 Mo Is Not Eating!!! Help, Please!!

    Have you taken her to the doc? Maybe she has a little infection
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    Re: Juice or fruit??

    Listen my lo seems to definately becoem upset if he has not pooed in a day or so...sometimes it is gas and then poop. I have given him little tummys natural remedies for the gas and it seems to...
  21. does it seem like less milk when growth spurt?

    I pump during the day and usually pump about 12 ounces. Lately I am lucky to get out 11. I am wondering if my supply is simply dimishing, or is it because the baby is going through a little bit of a...
  22. Re: What are your thoughts on More Milk Plus?

    I only increased my supply all pumping day by about 1 ounce...
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    Re: slow weight gain

    I could have writtne your post word for word. My son gained plently from month 2-3 (he was sick so he got weighed at the docs) however at his four month he had only gained like 7 ounces from the...
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    Re: any prob?

    My son turns his head when my milk is sort of gushing at him. I change positions, either hold him up higher or put him down lower and this seems to make all of the difference. It also seems like he...
  25. Re: can low supply be due to decongestant?

    I nurse or pump 9 times per day, actually 10 ( I do an extra pumping at night to have mroe for the day). I was nervous about the decongestant because teh baby seemed extra hungry yesterday. He is...
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