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    Re: My girl has begun CLW

    Hugs mama. My 14 month old just did the same thing. She only wants to snuggle and suck her thumb now and wants nothing to do with breastfeeding. It's hard to see her grow out of her baby phase,...
  2. Re: I think she might be weaning...help?

    Well, she's already gotten a bunch of teeth and they never seemed to bother her. She certainly doesn't act like she's hurting at any other time during the day.
  3. I think she might be weaning...help?

    My 14 month old for the past two days nurses for about 5 seconds before letting go and screaming. She had only been nursing about twice a day for the last month, and it seems as though she can take...
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    Weaning from bedtime bottle?

    My dd is just over one now and I want to wean her off her of her bedtime bottle which is a bottle of *gasp* formula. She still breastfeeds during the day and I have no plans to stop doing that...
  5. Re: Almost a year...and some questions...

    I am definately not pregnant.

    The weird thing is that I thought iron was the problem...but I've been taking vitamins WITH iron.

    I eat extremely healthy. Very well balanced. I could be a bit...
  6. Almost a year...and some questions...

    DD is almost one year old and still nurses about 4 times per day. Lately, I have been feeling extremely tired, dizzy...just drained... Could it be from nursing? Is she maybe taking more from me...
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    Re: Meals for an amost 1 year old?

    Hi Erin and congrats on the baby! I actually have a new email address...I will send you an email in a bit so that you will know it.

    Thanks for the replies both of you ladies!! :)

    I eat super...
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    Meals for an amost 1 year old?

    I want to start giving DD more food at her meals. We are still nursing, but she is just not interested anymore...we will continue as long as she wants, but I want to give her more solids at each...
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    Scared of biting...

    My almost 10 month old dd has been biting me recently while breastfeeding. So now, every time I feed her, I get scared that she is going to bite me because, well, it hurts!! So I've found myself in...
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    Re: dental x-rays okay while BF

    I just had mine taken as well...and I just remembered as I was reading this...aren't they supposed to put the big blanket thingy over you to keep the radiation from getting in your body?!?!!? I...
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    Re: my rights as a parent

    It is also helpful to write down your plan and show it to your doctor ahead of time and also to bring it with you to the hospital. That way in the crazy-ness of just giving birth, they have in...
  12. Re: Calling on a leader...for help with a wohm and extended bfing!

    Hugs Erin!!

    I can't speak for the pumping/supply issues...but I do understand about her not comfort nursing or snuggling. Catherine doesn't do that either and never has. She nurses and she's...
  13. Re: Number of breastfeeding sessions at 9 months?

    My 8 month old gets 4 nursings a day, 1 bottle, and one fruit and one veggie. She is perfectly happy and healthy!! Some babies just take more in during nursing than others. :)
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    Re: Super Baby Food Book?

    I got this great food mill and use it to make all my own baby food. I puree fruits and veggies in it now (as first foods) and later will make meats, chicken, rice, etc in it. You can pretty much...
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    Re: what is stage 1 and stage 2 foods?

    Stage 2 & 3 still has single foods if you get them that way. I get stage 3 foods and they are just one fruit or one veggie...but they also have mixed foods. I think there is a slight change of...
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    Re: Won't eat veggies...

    DD is only 8 months, and thus far has only gotten single food items. Like one food at a time, you know? Would it be ok now to put butter on things or to mix things together???

    I'm so excited...
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    Won't eat veggies...

    Catherine loves fruits and she does like sweet potatoes, but any other veggies I try to give her...she gags! Is that normal? Should I just keep trying, or should I wait? Or should I add some...
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    Re: My tiny girl

    Check out the thread that is called Little Baby on this same forum. My daughter will be eight months on Monday and she weighs less than 15 pounds. My husband and I are both small and we both gained...
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    Re: clicking sound when nursing

    My dd clicked while she nursed and I had an LC come out to take a look at her nursing, and she was doing nothing wrong. Around 4 months, the clicking stopped. Not sure what it was from.
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    Re: Where Did My Breasts Go???

    I got horrible stretch marks on my breasts!! But a few months after giving birth they went away completely. Don't know if I'll get them back after weaning...?? I'm still breastfeeding and my boobs...
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    Re: Gradual weaning after age 1

    Ok, sounds like good advice. :) I wasn't really planning to start weaning NOW, but just trying to figure things out for later. But I think it might be wise to wait until she is a year to figure...
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    Re: tetanus shot while breastfeeding?

    Tetanus shot is fine. I had to get one when I was making baby food and dropped the food processor blade on my toe. :) I asked and they said it would be fine and once I got it neither I or the baby...
  23. Jarred baby food vs. regular food?

    Catherine LOVES jarred sweet potatoes from Gerber. I want to make my own sweet potatoes because it is way cheaper...so I went out and bought some and baked them for her. She hates them!! Is it the...
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    Gradual weaning after age 1

    I'm wanting to breastfeed Catherine until she is 2, barring any unforseen circumstances... I have a few questions though. She is 7 1/2 months now and breastfeeds about 4-5 times a day. After she...
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    Re: Should I wake up to pump?

    Actually sometimes it does last! My LO started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks...she is now 7 1/2 months...and it is a rare night that she wakes. So you could get lucky. :) I started out...
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