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  1. Re: Why am I forcing my 23 month old to Night Wean????

    I'd let it go for now. Would you be okay with your mom giving him a bottle or sippy cup in the night if he won't settle otherwise? That's what my husband has done when I've traveled or when I work...
  2. Re: Should I introduce formula? Traveling to another countr

    My mom had the same concern. When we went to India with my six month old, she was convinced we should try formula beforehand "just in case." I probably said I'd think about it and then ignored it....
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    Re: Human Pacifier

    I like that the British term for a pacifier is a "dummy" -- as in, you're the real thing, the pacifier is just a fake. Nothing is as entertaining for a four month old as nursing! Baby tied to the...
  4. Re: Maintaining supply while away from toddler?

    Just thought I'd update that before we had even left the airport, kiddo wanted to nurse. She also fell right back into night nursing -- so much for my hope that she'd magically give it up! Though...
  5. Re: Maintaining supply while away from toddler?

    Oh, and one more thing: I'm just pumping and dumping b/c I'm too far away to really transport it home safely, and keeping everything clean with water that I'd need to boil or treat is just not worth...
  6. Maintaining supply while away from toddler?

    Tangentially about weaning..

    I'm away from my 18-month-old on an international business trip, 12 days total. Dad and daughter seem to be doing really well, and my most optimistic hope is that...
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    Re: Hormone Changes After Weaning

    With the joint symptoms and palpitations, I'd also consider Lyme if you're in an area where it's common.
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    Re: Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

    We just went through this at our daycare. They can still be contagious for weeks, so it's not practical to keep kids home unless they're actually not feeling well. My ped was okay with my kiddo...
  9. Re: Pumpin for the first time due to illness

    Argh, this pump and dump myth lives on....I have the InfantRisk app on my phone. It actually says that morphine has poor oral bioavailability, that is, not much is really absorbed through the mouth....
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    Re: conflicted about night weaning

    No great advice, but this is a very encouraging thread for me, too. Daughter is also almost 16 months, some nights are "better" than others, but some nights she is attached more often than not, or...
  11. Re: 10 day old baby and inadequate milk supply


    No helpful advice to add to what the other ladies have already said, but I really admire your dedication to doing what's best for your baby.
  12. Daycare transition and increased nursing?

    My fifteen-month-old girl is in her first week in the Toddler Room at daycare, and not adjusting well to dropoffs. They tell me that she calms down a few minutes after I leave, but I leave her...
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    Re: Breastfeeding in public

    Good for you for being out and about and nursing at 6 weeks! I think you're right that the nursing cover draws more attention than the lack of it. I have used a scarf only rarely, when I was...
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    Re: Traveling with Pump and EBM

    The pump is small enough to count as your "personal item" instead of a purse/laptop/etc., but I'm pretty sure it does count against your total of one carry-on and one personal item.

  15. Travelling without 11 month old -- milk dilemma

    I'll be travelling for work when my baby girl is 11+ months. I was hoping to get enough breast milk stashed to cover the two weeks I'll be gone, but for a variety of reasons I don't think I'll be...
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    Re: Best Electric Pump

    I like my (used) Hygeia, but I don't have anything to compare it to, except my little manual Lansinoh.
  17. Re: Using Cereal for exclusively breastfed baby

    Definitely a lot of old ideas still out there with the grandmas. Even my mom, who is usually pro-BF, told me I should get the baby used to formula in case I ever needed to use it.:rolleyes:

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    Re: Pumping at work beyond a year:

    Wow, didn't realize that about NY, that is awesome. Though I hear you about not wanting to take advantage.
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    Re: Her first stuffy nose

    Saline drops or spray to thin the mucous a bit, and then suck it out with a Nosefrida. We've made it to 9 months without any serious illness or fever, but too many minor colds to even count.
  20. Re: traveling for work first month postpartum

    I started pumping once a day or so at around 3 weeks, b/c that's what I got out of "Working Without Weaning." Sometimes I would pump one side while the then-tiny baby nursed on the other. (Hard to...
  21. Re: traveling for work first month postpartum

    I think bringing baby (and a family member to watch baby) makes the most sense to me. IMHO, interviews are not the time to be changing hearts and minds. I have a lot of friends in academia, as well...
  22. Re: Curious about about changes in pump output after vacatio

    My pumping output reliably dips a bit after traveling with my LO and without pumping, but I find it goes back up when I get back into my usual pumping rhythm.
  23. Re: Memorial service and pumping issues:

    Sorry to hear about your choir director's passing.

    One thing I haven't seen anyone else say is, make sure you have good bra pads so you're not worried about visible leaking. That stresses me...
  24. Re: Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue

    *hug* It will be okay. I understand the stress of the unknown, and the "what if?" about an emergency while pumping. I manage to pump while being the single coverage doc in an ER overnight. If...
  25. Re: 6week old eating too often? Too much? Please help.

    It sounds like you're doing great! Tiny babies just do eat ALL the time. As they get bigger, they will naturally space out their feeds a bit more, but the first few months it can seem like the baby...
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