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    Re: Relactating and Latching

    it is possible to start breastfeeding again, there is some great information here on http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/relactation/ and another one would be...
  2. getting a good night time routine and puky baby


    my DD is 3 weeks old and we are doing ok with Breast feeding no problems with latching on or sleeping inbetween feeds on till night time were she wakes at around 2 and is very fussy feeds then...
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    Re: blocked Duct may be !!

    its taken me ages to get logged in again lol

    it was a blocked duct and i had a hot shower massaged it and fed DD and it went very quick and no more problems with that :ita

    thanks for your help
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    blocked Duct may be !!


    My DD is two weeks today and feeding great she fed lots last night nearly every hour but ive noticed a sore spot on my right boob today its tender when i touch I have tried massageing it...
  5. signs your baby is ready to wean

    i was just wondering what are the signs your baby gives you when they are ready to give up breast feeding.:gvibes
  6. Re: fussy feeder whats going on Help please!

    well i got my AF today so i have a feeling it has been a mixture of the cold being away and my supply must have been effected as well so hopefully we will be fine now thanks for the information...
  7. fussy feeder whats going on Help please!

    Hi All
    my son is 16 months now and love his breast milk hates bottles
    last week we went on holidays for a week and i noticed my son got a little fussy at feeding times he couldn't seem to nod...
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    Re: Conflicted

    My DH said that same thing to me when our son was coming up to a year i told him i didnt want to give up the BF but i would try and get the baby settled in his own bed in the evening so we could...
  9. Re: Calling all experienced SAHMs!

    Im living in Ireland and i have 3 boys now but i remember what it was like being at home when my eldest was a baby i used to go visit my friend we would meet up two days a week in each other...
  10. Re: Being Home=clingy and constant nursing

    my DS can be a bit like that he wont take a bottle from me at all i try giving him a drink in a beaker and telling him no and sticking with it it can be hard but im starting to see results he is...
  11. Re: tantrums tantrums tantrums HELP!

    Hi You have received a lot of good information from every one i have a 4 year old boy who was very like that at the time my parents had split up and i found it very hard but with constiency and...
  12. Re: DS is sick - questions on that


    When a temperature keeps coming back after medicine wears off it is usually a sign of infection.
    is he having a lot of dirty nappies
    keep breast feeding him and try and keep his temp down. i...
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    Re: Any advice appreciated!

    half and onz is very good at these early days also your baby is better than any pump and for every onz you pumb they they would get two. i have 3 boys and im BF at the moment and i don't think i...
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    Re: Anyone else feel sad...

    yes i did feel a little like that but don't worry you don't lose the closeness and you have a long way to go before giving it up im still going strong and my DS is 13 months soon.

    i didn't think...
  15. Re: breast feeding problem please help

    thanks every one
    ive passed on all the info
  16. breast feeding problem please help

    my friend sent me this email the poor girl is so worried any ideas on how to fix this

    My 2 mo.old baby boy seems like he is in so much pain from gas. I swear I eat no gassy foods and I even bring...
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    tummy bug and breastfeeding

    Hi can any one help me my 9 month old has a tummy bug can i still feed him or how long do i wait im worried about him becomming dehydrated. my 3 year old had it yesterday and was very sick im praying...
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    Re: Quick Nursing?

    no problem, you might find he'll want to feed more often for a day or two when you cut out the supplement but i doubt that as it sounds like you probably have enough milk or if he is feeding from one...
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    Re: Quick Nursing?

    hi yep they do get so good that all they need is 5 to 10 minutes if you can here him gulping your let down must be good so he is getting it all fairly quickly as long as he is settling between feeds...
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