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    Re: Where do I go from here? 1 year +

    Thanks for the replies Mamas!

    bfwmomof3: sugar water and juice- yes! I agree. I think I'm gonna treat it as a treat.

    mammi: I am gonna have to try that baby tea! thank you

    meg: always great...
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    Where do I go from here? 1 year +

    So glad to have made it to a year! LO is eating *pretty much* 3 meals a day, but really its more like snacks throughout. He eats what we eat generally, and it has really helped us to eat more...
  3. Ya'll, we made it! And many thanks

    Hi there Ladies!

    Aw, just am so blessed to share this... My LO and I made it, I mean we made it to 1 year, ya'll!!! Wow. So thrilled. Thank you so much for all your support. I am thinking of...
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    Re: bummed about AF

    RIGHT Mommal!!!!!

    :huh I just needed to face the facts and inevitable. I got so used to and loved not having it. I never thought I would say that. laughing at myself really now. well, maybe just...
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    bummed about AF

    My period came back yesterday- shocked the daylights out of me!! 9.5 mos pp. I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones who didn't get AF until they were DONE nursing. I mean, I know it's...
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    Re: 8 month old and solids

    Thanks for the replies!
    Really, it's great to be backed up.

    Yes, I am in agreement. There is a ton of adult projection on solids with these young babies and it's so false and unrealistic.
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    Re: BF through the night at 9 months?

    Hi Tanpixie!

    I am there with you too! My LO is still nursing at night and we do bed share, and I have ideas of moving to the crib sometimes...But really, I don't think were ready for it yet. I...
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    8 month old and solids

    Hi Ladies.
    Going through some threads about solids and first foods. Just looking for a little insight from you experienced Mamas! ( I remember a few certain threads Mommal and Djs mom and others had...
  9. Re: Symmetry advice for a one-sided nurser?

    Whoah girl. This is powerful! I love it. Yes of course! one=one:) Great way to look at this. :thumbsup

    Those bras are a little pricey compared to others but well worth it IMO. Good luck!
  10. Re: Symmetry advice for a one-sided nurser?

    Have you tried any Bravado Nursing Bras? They do have a little pocket for removing or inserting washable breast pads. I bet you could make it work.? I really love these bra's because they really...
  11. Re: Sore nipples while baby is teething

    I dug this up in the hopes of finding some reassurance right now. The LO is 6 1/2 months and teething like mad. Actually, one little bid popped up on the bottom 3 days ago and now it has disappeared!...
  12. Re: Do any blw babies develop any eating problems at all?

    So djs.mom, I have caught your take/approach somewhat a few threads ago, but I would like to know more. What did you do when you just started out at 6 months? And anyone else?

    We are just...
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    Re: 6 mo still swaddling...

    I am wondering if I should go for this. The LO is 6 month. He probably doesn't sleep for more than 1-3 hours all night. But really, it looks better on paper that IRL. I mean, sometimes, every half...
  14. Re: Another blip on our path back to EBF :(

    I'm really glad u updated :) sounds great! Keep going, Mama! You are bringing hope to otherMamas out there!
  15. Re: Is this all normal for almost 6 month old?

    Um...YES, Mommal. You are right on the money, with explaining my reasoning for BLS ( and anything else) = mother pushing ---->>>>> just a little bit more--->>> so ofcourse it can eventually click!...
  16. Re: Things I wish I'd known when we started BFing

    Great thread :)

    And YES YES YES JoMo! I completely agree about the "have to" pumping. Why in the world I was told the same, I'll never understand. Those were some HARD days!
  17. Is this all normal for almost 6 month old?

    Hi there ladies:D

    I have a few questions about where we are with our Nursing relationship at this point. It would be great to hear other Mama's who BTDT and to know if this is all normal or what....
  18. Re: How to handle oversupply in the first few weeks.

    How are u doing Kelly?

    I feel like I am STILL dealing w a plug off and on each month it seems! No fun.
  19. Re: How to handle oversupply in the first few weeks.

    Kelly- I think you are doing the right thing- rely the only thing u can do in this urgent moment. I really hope u get rid of your illness and Please take care of yourself. I am sure other
  20. Re: Pediatrician Told Me To Stop Breastfeeding

    I'm really glad to read your update, Mama! Stay strong. Your LO will do great and this will be part of your journey. Hugs*
  21. my story, birth story, and current state!

    Hi there! I never really got around to doing a formal intro, so here goes "my story" so far, a condensed "birth story" and also a "where we are currently" with a few questions thrown in as well.:D
  22. Re: Nursing to sleep- FTM feeling guilty/ concerned

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    Re: Desperate for Sleep Help

    Please hang in there VIVSMAMAN. I am in the same boat with you as well as TANPIXIE.
    I agree, maybe take the LO to the Doc. My LO is teething like mad right now. Im just taking it a day at a time....
  24. Re: Anyone else still feeding 5 month old through-out the ni


    I love how I think of posting a concern and then :spitcoffee Boom! You read my mind and post! :D

    AWW, girl, I am going through the same as you! Please hang in there. When you have...
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    Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months


    This was a great thread about extending nursing that I found invaluable. Great advice and experience that made a huge impact on the...
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