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  1. Re: How long is Azithromycin detectable in breast milk?

    Probably up to 48 hours. Your doctor will not give you meds that he thinks will cause harm to your baby so I wouldn't worry. But that's good that you're being cautious and doing some research before...
  2. Re: Intersting facts about frequent night nursers...

    I will check this link. I think it is a good read. Thanks!
  3. Re: Ready to pump wean, but son won't drink cow milk

    I think it will come. But in the mean time, BFing LO works well between you two so just try to hang in there. ;)
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    Re: See doctor or LC?

    I'd see a doctor first then LC. Hope she calls you back with good advice.
  5. Re: Newly Pregnant with 2nd child~need to wean 1st?

    Tandem Nursing by Hillary Flower is also a good read. :)
  6. Re: Peppermint Tea - how much is too much?

    One cup a day is fine. ;)
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    Re: Breastfeeding yout toddler

    I like the article. It's a good read. Thanks!
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    Re: Meal after nursery?

    I think this is fine but if you think LO needs more solids then go ahead and give snacks.
  9. Re: Complementary supplements (fenugreek, blessed thistle, e

    I haven't tried combinations of supplements but I think you have to read the labels as to what they're made of and see which ingredients to avoid. Hope others can help.
  10. Re: Made it to 1 year, he drinks like a newborn again!

    Congratulations! Just keep on trying to offer other food. He might not like them but eventually he will. :)
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    Re: 9.5 month old biting, and striking

    I know how it feels..I remember when DD started doing this before she weaned. I can't say how long it will continue but I hope you'll get through it.
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    Re: 9.5 month old biting, and striking

    That's good to know! I hope laochsmama will be able to get through this too.
  13. Re: Reflux worse with certain foods in my diet?

    Excessive caffeine can also add to reflux. Did you try to eliminate again foods that are possibly causing it?
  14. Sticky: Re: Book Recommendations - Foods for Babies and Toddlers

    Thanks! I will recommend these to my friends too. :)
  15. Re: Beautiful article about breastfeeding acceptance

    Thanks for posting this. Great article!
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    Re: Breast milk storage

    Good luck! Your LO will gradually take the bottle. :)
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    Re: Very gassy newborn

    Sounds normal to me. I think it's better to let it out than hold it in. :D
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    Re: sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    Agree with the PPs. It melts a mom's heart to be far away from her LO and when you come back, there will be a whole bunch of things you have missed.
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    Re: I need words of encouragement

    How long have you tried feeding him in a bottle? It will take some time for babies to adjust so you have to be patient and do it gradually. When your DH gave the bottle, were you around? Your LO can...
  20. Re: Daycare transition and increased nursing?

    No, you aren't a bad mama. It's actually a good thing. Let her take some time, she will adjust gradually. :)
  21. Re: Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

    Hi lianela, how are you now? Kellymom.com has a lot of info you might want to check.
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    Re: Lots of Breast Pain

    It depends when to use heat and cold compresses. lllmeg has the right questions so your situation can be assessed as what your condition might be.
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    Re: increase supply through pumping?

    Yes, pumping will help increase your supply, just be patient.
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    Re: Working/nursing mother

    Agree. :thumbsup
  25. Re: falling asleep and then still hungry -any suggestions?

    PPs are right. Newborns usually eat with short intervals so your LO's feeding habit is just normal. She's very young and this will still change. Weight and dirty diapers should be monitored. If...
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