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    Re: baby-led weaning snafu

    she is still really young...both of my kids didn't really take to eating until they were closer to 8 months.
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    Re: Mom and baby sick

    thanks mommal! Felling a bit better today.
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    Mom and baby sick

    Well my kids have this nasty stomach virus that's been lingering since thanksgiving. I've cought it now too. My nursling is 16m. Not eating too much but nursing plenty. Now that i'm sick, I'm not...
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    Re: Brushing teeth

    at that age you can really just wipe the with a cloth.
  5. Re: Pediatrician recommending supplementing.What to do?

    just what I was going to link Tracie :lol
    Sounds ok to me too.
    I also had to add in pumps whenever I could just to get enough milk for myy dd when i was at work. She was on the 'small' side and I...
  6. Re: Breastfeeding a newborn while pregnant

    wow, what a relief though that you don't have to worry about your milk for your newborn
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    Re: Stomach virus in 5 month old

    I've read that too, but I still let baby nurse on demand. It's important when they are sick that they get all the milk they need and they know they need it.
  8. Re: Breastfeeding a newborn while pregnant

    have you taken a pregnancy test? Why do you think you are pregnant?
  9. Re: I feel like I want to cry. Then, ask a question

    Just wanted to give a :hug and say I've been there, I cried a lot over it.
  10. Re: Cannot get rid of the last pumping session, help!!!

    :ita end of pumping does not mean the end of nursing. Just the end of the hassle of having to pump and clean stuff - what a pain!
  11. Re: Cannot get rid of the last pumping session, help!!!

    What if you try just pumping a little bit, reducing the time you pump?
  12. Re: Tired of breastfeeding/husband issues

    Can you get out for like an hour by yourself every once in a while? Maybe that would help you feel better?
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    Re: Drinking tea?

    But doesn't it also say that those quantities that are used in food and teas are minimal compared to the amount you'd need to reduce your supply?
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    Re: Spotting?!

    I had some spotting around 3 months pp and then again at 14 months. The 14 month spotting was a few weeks before my period came back.
  15. Re: In-laws trying to give junk food to baby rant

    seriously...spoonfuls of jelly? :gg I know it's such a pain and I really had a hard time with ppl when my dd was little. I had to let them know it's NOT OK. And that they are not to give her...
  16. Re: Mostly BF 4 month old hasn't pooped in 4 days

    mine pooped every other week for a while.
  17. Re: Can my baby get fat from being overfed?

    :ita my son gained fast at first but now he's mostly gaining height and slimming down.
  18. Re: can't latch/my fault/flat nipples

    there are shells for flat nipples that you can wear to make them stick out
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    Re: I hate feeding her!

    A few years ago I was going through this really bad, I knew it was hormonal. I was considering starting a progesterone cream.
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    Re: I hate feeding her!

    I can't stand being touched around the time I am ovulating :shrug
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    Re: Pacifier

    Wearing my son in a carrier really helped me give the attention to the 3 year old that I needed to. You can also nurse in carriers as well.
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    Re: Can I use this milk?

    I would use it also. And FWIW, I never really took the tubing off the pump :shrug
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    Re: keeping baby hydrated when sick

    just nurse, nurse, nurse ;)
    I once had a dr tell me to stop bf for 2 days and only give pedialite - what a load of crap! YOu are right to question them
  24. Re: Dental Work, Still Numb, Help! Can I feed my baby?

    it is fine. most of the time the dentist uses lidocane and that's the same thing they use to numb you for stitches after childbirth.
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    Re: Question about first PPAF?

    I had some spotting around 3 months pp also. And it was weird. I was convinced I was getting my period. I was dissappointed because I had gone 21m after #1. I am pretty sure I ovulated last week, so...
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