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  1. Re: Extremely painful ready to give up!H

    Do you have a WIC office or even the lactations consultants at the hospital will be more than happy to help you! I went to see a LC over and over with my first baby, and she did not mind at all, I...
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    8wk old and sleep issues

    hi, i am so frustrated at the moment with sleep! want to create a harmonious sleep life with my baby girl, but not sure what I'm doing wrong.
    my 8 wk dd is not going to sleep until midnight or...
  3. Re: Nursing mom juggling toddler and new

    Yeah I agree, this is a hard time fir ds1 my ds was almost 3 when ds2 was born, he threw a lot of fits and acted out a lot, it was terrible 3's not 2's for us! But my hubby was able to help a lot by...
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    Re: To Wake or Not To Wake?

    I would wake! I agree with pp. My 4 week old was sleeping 20 + hrs a day up till a week or so ago and I would wake her every 2-3 to nurse and to switch her night/ days, she was spending most of her...
  5. Re: How much does mums diet affect baby?

    Thank you so much to the lll leader! That really helps to know! Since all three kids have had gassy/colicky ger symptoms I am pretty sure my OALD must be a contributor! Prob has very little to do...
  6. Re: How much does mums diet affect baby?

    I totally get the milk in the cereal bit, I am struggling with the diet thing, because it adds so much stress to constantly be worrying that you can't eat anything
    normal! I am really missing my...
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    Re: Colic calm advice

    Hi I must chime in here because this was by far the best product I have found on the market. I just ordered two more bottles for our third child, three weeks old and I could have written your post......
  8. Re: How much does mums diet affect baby?

    Yeah I will stick with the diet another couple weeks to see, just feel like prisoner to it at the moment and simply can't manage giving up my soy chai at Starbucks, since I already gave up my...
  9. How much does mums diet affect baby?

    Im a mother of three and all of my babies have struggled in the beginning with colicky symptoms. My second did end up in the hospital for reflux/choking. Anyway, now the third, she us usually...
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    Polyvisol ????

    I took my two week old for her pedi
    Appt and her pedi said I should be giving
    Her these vitamin drops and couldn't
    Believe I had not given it to my other two
    Whom I BF. My question is, is this...
  11. Re: trying to relactate, need better pump~~suggestions

    i am relactating too, after six months, although i am only making about 1 oz a day that is drastic improvement, i was comp dry! i am using domperidone, 30 mg 3 x per day, and a Ameda I i got it from...
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    Re: i have got to get more milk!

    i am pumping with a hosp pump, and yes every two to three hours but not at night, do you think that is the key? pump all night as well. i am in tears at the moment, baby will not latch even for a...
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    i have got to get more milk!


    i have relactated after six months off and i am getting very little! need to know how to really bring in a supply. baby wont suck because nothing big is coming out. he hates the sns so far...
  14. Re: back to breast after five months?

    i have no milk yet, just trying to get it back, i keep seeing drops and i think it is milk, and then i notice it is blood or puss from the cracking, ouch!
  15. relactation after five months and sore nipples

    hi my LO had some health issues so we had to switch to a high powered medi formula, he is growing out of many issues now so i want to try again, i postetd on another page too. i am completely dry and...
  16. Re: back to breast after five months?

    new complication, bleeding cracking nipples... am creaming, but it hurts horribly to pump every two... any suggestions, i have never had this... does it mean i am pumping too high? how long do they...
  17. Re: back to breast after five months?

    Thanks for the posts, I was hoping to get more responce but I appreciate everything MOMALL said. I do not think he will have a problem getting back to it, he can suckle on them just fine, he just...
  18. back to breast after five months?


    My LO is almost six months and was only BF for about a month. It is a long story but for him I think it was neccessary to quit for a while. He had such severe GERD he nearly died from all the...
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    Mspi, reflux, and bm

    Pls help I am at my wits end here, my 8 wk old was diagnsed mspi and GERD at 3 wks old. He was hositoluzed for the reflux bcs of chking. He was put on elecare a special medical formula. His tummy was...
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    Re: New to llli..what r these codes?

    great question! thanks ladies!
  21. green poop/ OALD?/ Reflux. Please help.

    I have posted at several differnt places now and for several different issues, but this has just hit my brain, I am so busy trying to understand what is wrong with my 3wk old, it is getting crazy. OK...
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    Re: zatac for a three week old?

    yes i mean three hours total. for some reason he sleeps well from 12-3 and then he never really has a good, solid, or pain free sleep past that, we literally rock from 3 or 4 till 6 or 8 when it...
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    zatac for a three week old?

    i am one handed typing so excuse the grammer. my lo has had issues since birth. at first we were having trouble going poo, then he had an infection on his heel, from an experienced student doing a...
  24. Re: Breast milk allergy! New here and need help!

    I went to the web page but couldn't find anything about the psyllium or Gerd or acid reflux, can you tell me where I should look? Where did you get the psyllium? are there different kinds? how did...
  25. Re: Breast milk allergy! New here and need help!

    How old is your baby Beth? and how did you get it diagnosed? what meds is he on? if you do not mind me asking, this is a totally new arena for me. Did you ever experiment with formula, or did you...
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