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  1. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    Also, he's 10 days old today.
  2. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    The scale came in.. It read him at 6lbs 14.5 oz.
    So, I guess I start with that weight and go from there. Maybe weigh him at this time every day???
  3. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    I just ordered a baby scale from amazon. It had really good ratings and I'll be able to use the same scale and do a weigh, then feed and weigh. It should be here tomorrow.
  4. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    He's had two more dirty diapers, one about wife the size of an ok diaper, and one at least three times the size.
    Maybe this fella is just different than my others.. He only nurses about 10-15...
  5. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    He nurses a lot. Probably every 45-75 minutes during the day-which is how all my kids have been like. He cluster feeds from about 6:30 -9:00, sleeps for an hour or so, cluster feeds til around...
  6. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    His output still seems ok. Yesterday he had 6 ok dirty diapers and plenty of wets. All clear urine.
    I'm still nervous about my supply. This whole not feeling full thing is unnerving. I'm used to...
  7. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    Well, he only gained an ounce-which is discouraging-but it is a gain... I think I've read that when you have a planned csection and they pump you full of fluids before hand that it can make your baby...
  8. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    Quick question. I am staying hydrated but I've had diarrhea since yesterday.. Can I take anything for it?
  9. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    Thank you and I will update his weight tomorrow!
    And you got it right-he was discharged at 2 days old weighing 6.13. Recheck at 4 days old weighing 6.11.
  10. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    I called the hospital and he can't be weighed on their scale since he left the nursery. But I'm taking him to the scale he was weighed on at 4 days old when I go in for my wound check tomorrow.
  11. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    He had another "ok" poopy diaper
  12. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    Also, I was a lays able to band express a lot before but right now it's not as easy..
  13. Re: Baby 6 days old, need help!

    This is my 4 csection-2 were emergency, 2 were planned. This one was planned.
    My pain has been worse this time. I stopped taking the Percocet they gave me made him sleepy.
    As far as eating, I'm...
  14. Baby 6 days old, need help! Update on pg 2

    I had my fourth child via csection 6 days ago and started breastfeeding about an hour and20 minutes after he was born. Breastfeeding in the hospital went great-supportive staff and he started having...
  15. Re: Need both breasts, one makes less!!

    I don't have any advice on increasing your left side but I did want to offer you some encouragement.. I can ONLY feed from my right side because I had a tumor removed from my left side when I was...
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    Re: I have milk envy

    I knew you were :hug :hug:hug (I just wanted to make sure no one really thought I was bragging) :)
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    Re: I have milk envy

    I didn't mean it to sound like bragging, sorry!!!:o (I also had mastitis constantly because of over supply)
    I'd really rather be able to breastfeed from both sides! (if that makes any difference) :)
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    Re: I have milk envy

    When I EP'd for dd I was getting about 42-46 oz per day... And I can only get milk out of one breast. :yikes:yikes:yikes
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    Re: Made it to 1 year

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    What would you do?

    DS will be 6 months in about 2 weeks. He is SOOOO interested in solids, I mean, grabs them off of our plates and tries to eat them-cries when we take them away. He constantly watches us eat and even...
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    Re: blocked duct/mastitis-help!

    I have had soooo many plugged ducts and have had mastitis 7 times total with dd and ds... I started taking lecithin about 3 months ago and have had NO problems whatsoever since. It has been a miracle...
  22. Re: So frustrated - ready to give up!

    This sounds so much like my ds a few months ago. This is so hard because like you, I have another child. DD is 2 and I felt like all we did was sit on the couch and watch noggin together while I...
  23. Re: breastmilk for older children

    When my ds was 2 months old I started manually expressing about 1/2 to 2 oz per day-depending on if I had time to do so or not- and then giving it to my 2 year old dd the next morning mixed with her...
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    Re: Mastitis Questions

    Hi there, I've had mastitis 3 times with my 4 month old son so far... and tons of plugged ducts... NO FUN!!! But I started taking lecithin every day (3 x 1200mg in the morning and 2 x 1200mg in the...
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    Snacker or growth spurt?

    My ds is about 3 1/2 months old. He has always eaten pretty often, hardly ever going more than 1/5 hours. Well lately I think he is either becoming a snacker and eating about every 20-30 minutes or...
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