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    Re: How not to waste frozen BM???

    I use to freeze my BM in ice cube trays that had lids. I measured how much liquid would go into each cube or a few (use water) and then I knew how many cubes I would need for a feeding. I would...
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    Re: low supply- 8 week old

    I was in the same spot as u, My DD was 5.14 when born dropped a few and had jaundice and wasn't gaining weight well. The doc also was pushing for supplementing but I refused (not that it's a bad...
  3. Re: How many ounces for an almost three week old?

    This is a good site to help you...it's a suggestion ofcourse

  4. Re: Nipple Shields and milk production

    I agree w/PP about getting help from an LC.
    My little girl (now 28 months old and still Bfing twice a day) was also 36 wks and I started using a nipple shield as well since she was having trouble...
  5. Re: Problems with my Ameda Purely Yours

    You also want to make sure EVERYTHING is pretty much dry before using. I noticed if the valves or the clear caps still had drops of water from when I washed them the night prior, the did not suck as...
  6. Re: 8.5 month old not eating much solids yet?

    Our parents always know best...according to them! :lol
    For the first year of their life solids is actually an experience and experiment not a necessity. DD didn't start solids till about 8m as well...
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    Re: Biting!!!

    DD use to be a bitter but after a few stern "nos" and stopping the feed as PP mentioned, she pretty much stopped. She's 15m now and has 9 teeth. I did notice that just as PP mentioned she use to do...
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    Re: low supply during period?

    Definitely normal to have lower supply during your monthly visitor. DD always gets a bit fussy but she eventualy stays on longer to get more out, I've never had to give her any EBM during that time...
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    Re: Cheese but No Milk

    Here's a link that answers the exact questions you ladies have:


    My DD has had major reflux issues since she was about 3 weeks and though they have...
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    Re: Looking for reassurance

    You DS sounds like he's doing just perfect. I agree that doc are WAY TOO hung up on those percentiles. As long as he's eating well and behaving normally than there's no need to worry and no need to...
  11. Re: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    I agree with PP :ita...they should get enough from other foods but if you are interested in adding some milk you can also try other types of milk such as Almond milk or rice milk. I asked my ped...
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    Re: yogurt

    I think it depends on the allergies that run in your family. I've had DD on whole wheat bread since about 9 months old. We waited for yogurt and any dairy until the yr for reflux reasons more than...
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    Re: yogurt

    My DD LOVES the Yo Baby Organic yougurt. They have a good amount of flavors to choice from and some even include cereal in the mix. Yum..Yum..to naturally organic foods!:D
  14. Re: Pump Recommendations Medela or Advent

    I used the symphony the first month I was back home from the hospital. So I was hooked on Medela. I bought the swing, which is the single version of the PISA and loved it but when my days were...
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    Re: juice?

    We live in Florida and I totally understand the heat thing :ita. DD is now 14.5 m and still only drinks BM and water and I want to say that I gave her water when we started solids and it was very...
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    Re: What should I expect?

    DD is 14.5 months now and has gone down to about 5 nursing sessions. When she first wakes up, before her 2 naps, bedtime, and then once during the night. We have not started her on any cm and...
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    Re: Poop and the lack thereof

    Hi! and :welcome

    How often was your DS popping before you started him on cereal?

    My DD had issues pooping (she would go 2-3 days w/no poop and once went almost 2 wks :yikes), but this was...
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    Re: the birthday cake debate

    We used this recipe for my DD 1st birthday cake, I made a small heat shaped one for her and then made puzzle cakes out of cupcakes for everyone else. And though the banana cake came out delicious DD...
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    Re: ARGH>>>family gatherings!


    Well, I can't say I have the same problem since most of the family doesn't get involved at least with the food issues. My mom actually thinks opposite of everyone, DD is 14m and...
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    Re: delays in finger feeding

    Sometimes its just a texture thing for them. As I can attest since I am a big texture person (I don't eat a lot of things due to their textures) :D . I met a mom who's DS was about 15m and he was not...
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    Re: Which veggie to start with?

    We actually started on sweet potato and she loved it! This was her first taste of solid, she hadn't had cereal or anything yet (she was about 7.5 months). We tried Avocado afterward and she...
  22. Re: pulling mamas shirt and fussing for the breast

    My 14 month old has her moments like that but I have to agree :ita that I do believe it's more of a comfort for them at this age, especially when they come and go like you mentioned, than a hunger...
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    Re: Birthday cake w/breastmilk?

    I've searched the interenet for recipes and can't seem to find any. Do you still have this bk?
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    Birthday cake w/breastmilk?

    My Lo's 1st birthday is around the corner (I can't believe it):hb and I am very excited to make her, her own little cake to dive into but she hasn't had any dairy due to her reflux so I was...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep a bad habit?


    So I've been nursing to sleep for both night and naps since the beginning and she's now 10 months old (like I mentioned in my post to this thread). I agree if it ain't broke don't fix it...
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