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  1. Re: Won't take bottle/pacifier & need a break

    I'm in the same situation, exactly as you describe.
    There is nothing you can do - just enjoy this bonding experience with your baby. My DD wants to suck the brease even at night almost every hous....
  2. Feeding on Demand = Overfeeding=Fat Baby???

    i need your advise:
    My 4 and a half month dd is 20.1 lbs. She is not fat - she is proportionally tall and healthy. The only problem is that she doesn't poop on her own since 3 month. we...
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    Re: carseat trouble :(

    My 3 m.o. hates the car seat as well. I am in the same situation.. would love to go to baby and me fitness, but she won't do a 30 min. drive there and 30 min back...
  4. 3 mo - no poop for 5 days, when to be alarmed?

    my ebf dd is 3 month and 1 week.
    She used to poop 10x a day, but last week had only one bm in 3 days( it was liquid and A LOT).
    Now it's 5th day since then with no poop. She seems fine,...
  5. Re: Still hungry or using me as a pacifier?

    Even if your baby wants to nurse for comfort - it is very beneficial, and don't be worried about being a pacifier - you arew building a strong bond with the baby. I think this is the best time in...
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    Re: Metallic smelling breastmilk

    mine has some kind of metallic smell too. had all the time, baby is fine, gaining well. i thought it was from iron in Materna.
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    Re: Night vs. Day

    ...another thing forgot to mention -- carry your LO in a sling during the day - this way she will take naps instead of long streches. And u can give her a boob and be hands free - here is how i do...
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    Re: Night vs. Dayt

    Don't worry momma, u r not alone - I had the same thing!! It's totally normall. they all confuse day and night.
    Just keep feeding on demand, never refuse a feeding. At night keep lights low, don't...
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    Re: Why can't I pump??

    I also can't get much milk out with pump. I tried a few different pumps and no luck, just pain. I ended up buying the most $$ Medela pump but still I'm not using it often.
    Try expressing by hand....
  10. Re: I have H1N1 - how to protect my 8 wo

    hopefully it will be a mild sickness for us too.. I agree, she has been exposed before i knew i was sick...
    trying to get lots of rest and bf every hour.
    thank you for support! :hug:hug:hug
  11. Re: I have H1N1 - how to protect my 8 wo

    Thank you for your support!
    Did anyone here have an H1N1 already?
  12. I have H1N1 - how to protect my 8 wo

    Hi Everyone,
    I just got home from hospital and they told me I have Swine Flu, - I have an 8 wo daughter, - I don't know how such young babies do with the swine flu. And we live in a tiny 1 bdrm...
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    Re: thrush questions

    Hi Michelle,
    please read this
    http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/t083100.asp - Dr Sears does not recommend the vio, he says a study linked it to mouth cancer so he advises to limit its use,...
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