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    Re: Playtex Nurser question

    I use these for my son at daycare. When we use them we don't mess with trying to get the air out. We just make sure to burp him real well. I ventair system is supposed to have the air flow in the...
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    Re: Pulling on me!

    My DS does the same thing and he is 6 months. I have learned that I need to keep him occupied while eating or else he gets bored :rolleyes:
    If I let him hold me necklace he doesn't do it as much. ...
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    wont take formula

    I have to work, so I send as much ebm as I can to daycare with DS everyday. It usually ends up being about 8 ozs. I would love to be able to send a full days worth but I can't get away enough to...
  4. Temas: Table food

    by melly53

    Table food

    I was wondering for those who give their kiddies table food, how do you do it? If I were to give my DS peas or carrots or something like that, do I just mash it with a fork/spoon and feed him that...
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    Re: How to give rice cereal in bottle ?

    I was told by my pedi specifically NOT to put the cereal in a bottle, but I wasn't planning on it anyways. Besides he loves to eat with a spoon, and the chunkier the better for him (and he will only...
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    Re: Help - I'm loosing my support from dh

    I just wanted to give you ((hugs)) for looking for support. My DH says things like that, but doesn't get up to do anything in the night (or around the house for that matter). But I know that a year...
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    Re: Teething Biscuits

    Thanks girls. I think that was the kind I was looking at. I am gonna buy some next time I go to the store. I tried the teething gel but he just sucks it off his gums before it does anything. The...
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    Teething Biscuits

    My DS is on his 4th tooth. The first two didn't give him any problems coming in, just wanted to chew on everything. That was ok with me. Now his first top tooth is in and the second is on its way....
  9. Re: Just bottle, no breast! I did everything! HELP PLEASE!

    I had the same issue with my DS. I started to get him back to breast by feeding him in the tub. We always take a bath together (much easier for me to wash him) and he would always root when I would...
  10. Re: Eye Medication (steriods) & breastfeeding - wary of taking, need advice

    I am not sure if there is a difference between you and your DC taking it, but my DS has been on the same medication as you for a week (for his lungs though). He is 5 months old and was taking 3ml...
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