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  1. Re: Just want to be reminded that I am not alone!

    Yea I think it is her teeth:ita...Tylenol gave me a 3.5 hour stretch last night...thank god! Feeling rejuvenated...:gvibes
  2. Just want to be reminded that I am not alone!

    OK I know the following is all completely normal and that there is nothing wrong with my DD BUT....I find myself very frustrated lately with DD new eating habits. She is just over 6 months and...
  3. Re: Pumping because infant won't breastfeed

    I had to Exclusively pump when my DD was 7 days old until she was 5 weeks b/c of yeast infection/mastitis/tougue tie....then she didn't want to nurse :cry...I cried for awhile ...then I took the...
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    Rei'm desperate!! baby will not take eat

    AWW.. that's unfortunate, being able to do four hour shifts saved our family. I do an occasional 12 hour shift and my DD doesn't eat and my hubby has a hard time with her. Life can be so difficult at...
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    Re: i'm desperate!! baby will not take eat

    :hug I know EXACTLY what you are going through my DD is the same way. She is almost 6 months old now and STILL WILL NOT take a bottle. I am also A nurse in the ER and I know the challenges involved....
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    Re: Meds and Breastmilk

    I've taken diflucan (fluconazole) for yeast infection in my breast for 2 weeks as have many women seeing that is usually the treament for recurrent yeast in the breast. Vaginal infection requires one...
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    Re: hurdles to returning to work

    :shrugI think this problem depends on how flexible the baby is willing to be. My daughter....is not flexible at all! I work part time 12-16 hours per week since she was 8 weeks old. She is 5 months...
  8. Re: Loooooooooooong feeding sessions - HELP!

    My DD was 8pds 9 oz at birth ...she did and still nurses every 2-3 hours all day and all night. She is almost 4 months old now. What saved me was learning to nurse while in bed. She sleeps latched on...
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    Happy Thoughts!!

    WOW...3 MONTHS ALREADY! There were times when I never thought I would still be breastfeeding my DD.....now nursing is actually enjoyable 100%. I can now nurse and play on my puter! I use to need both...
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    Re: DH Issues...

    I don't have much advice but I want you to know you are not alone. My daughter is almost 11 weeks old and she does the same thing. She wants me all the time. She crys when I leave her with dh. My...
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    Re: I don't know what to think of this

    I always pump before I go out (if I know it will be difficult to nurse in public) like in the grocery store. If LO is hungry I give her the EBM if not I nurse her when I get home. I have no problems...
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    Re: In Pain

    How much advil are you taking? You can take up to 800mg at a time (as long as you have something in your stomach). If that doesn't work ask your md about fiorecet. It's safe while pregnant so prob...
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    Re: drained...

    Thanks for the replys. Yes I have support ..I have a wonderful husband. I just went back to work this weekend. I am an ER nurse and it felt good to be at work again (I love my job). I did miss...
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    I have read similiar posts to this one in the past, but I am having a tough day and need to vent:cry. My DD is now 9 weeks old and breastfeeding did not come easy for us. I had to EP when she was 1...
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    Re: Tongue-Tied... HELP!!!

    My daughter was tougue tied at birth, the LC noticed it right away. She was latching ok so I didn't do anything initially. Well I ended up with a yeast infection (from my nipples being open from the...
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