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    Breast Pumps

    I am pregnant with my second baby and want to get a better breast pump this time. Can anyone recommend a good place to get a good deal on one--possibly a website. I need a good deal. Thanks for...
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    1St day w/out breastfeeding!

    Hey everyone!

    Today was the 1st day that I went without breastfeeding Justice 1yr/2wks old. Not a moment to soon either as my husband and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary w/out our son....
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    Milk Coming In Question

    Hello, I am pregnant with my second child. With my first baby my milk didn't come in till day 5 and I had lots of trouble after a couple of days as Justice wouldn't latch on because I didn't have...
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    Weening Advice Needed

    Hello everyone!

    My baby boy is turning 1 next Saturday Aug-5, and I'm expecting my second on March 15, 2007. I'm working on weaning Justice. I have reduced his breast feedings to in the morning...
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    Cow's Milk Before 12 mos. Question

    My son is 11 mos. 1 week old. He nurses 4x a day. His midday feeding has become a struggle. Sometimes I have to wrestle with him to keep him on. He wants to nurse at first because he is hungry,...
  6. Re: Letdown taking much longer than usual...

    Mom's emotions do have a tendency to affect breastfeeding. I know if I am stressed or upset it tends to seem that I have less milk. I'll let the other ladies chime in, but the depression could...
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    Re: is this engorgement?

    That is the exact sensation I feel when my milk lets down. I feel this during the feedings now, but when DS was a newborn, if it was getting close to time for a feeding, my milk would let down and I...
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    Re: First bottle-feeding unsuccessful

    The playtex nurser also worked well for us. DS wouldn't take any other bottle for a long time.
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    Re: Homemade Baby Food - It's easy

    A good online resource is http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ which gives you step by step instructions, nutritional value, recipes, and tips to make your babyfood.
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    Re: Cereal/Solids to get thru the night?

    One more thing, this definitely might be a growth spurt. Generally they happen at 3 wks, 6 wks, 3 mos. and 6 mos. so at 5 1/2 mos. this could be that growth spurt for sure. Hopefully it will just...
  11. Re: Pressure to introduce solids at 4 mo

    Just wanted to throw in another word of encouragement and let you know that mommy knows best! Stick to your gut! Sounds like your little one is happy and healthy and that your BM is the best thing...
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    Re: Weaning 12 month old

    I didn't read this suggestion, but why don't you try mixing EBM with formula/cow's milk slowly--like one day have 1 oz. Cow's Milk with 4 oz. EBM, and up the cow's milk every couple of days. A...
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    Re: before we start

    From what I have heard most of the reactions come from fruit and rarely with veggies. Although I had a friend whose baby had a rash from squash. Just be on the lookout for rashes and have diaper...
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    Re: Kicking While Nursing

    Gosh, you might have to respond to this as you would if she was biting you-let her unlatch and tell her no to what she is doing and only latch her back on if she isn't doing this. Just my suggestion.
  15. Re: Poor Milk Supply! Baby's steel hungry!

    I agree with the others that this is probably a growth spurt. I would just suggest that you nurse, nurse, nurse, like the other post suggested. Look into medicinal things you mentioned as well. ...
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    Finger Foods

    Hello, I thought this would be a good place to post this. I am trying to start Justice on finger foods and it isn't going very well. I am not trying to start feeding him this way, but just want him...
  17. Re: Still having issues..she's 9 weeks now HELP!!!

    When Justice was that age he was at the breast every hour for a long time. He piled on the pounds as well. Like the others said, your milk is the best and there is no problem there. This time will...
  18. Re: the iron issue for a 9m old, and other q's

    My son is 9 mos. old. We are on solids, including Oatmeal, veggies, and some fruits that contain iron. At his doc. appmnt. they checked his iron levels and they are great. Doc. was very impressed....
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    Re: Baby refusing solids - help please

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on breastfeeding twins for so long, that is awesome. I know it must have been a challenge. My son is 9 mos. old. He took awhile to get accustomed to...
  20. Re: 3 weeks 5 days old & 2days w/no poop, bf.

    I think that is a bit early to slow down that much on the bowel movements. Justice had them with each feeding until about 3 mos. But at first we had to stimulate him a little with the pooping, my...
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    Re: she only likes sweet potatoes!

    Yup, just keep trying and be patient. I went very slow with Justice, he is 9 mos. old, and he is a great eater now. It took us awhile. I still don't do much in the finger foods department except...
  22. Re: is my DD breastfeeding too long at a time?

    Seems like yesterday we were there too-like another mom said I have to work to keep Justice latched on for five min. on each side he is so busy and distracted (he is nine mos. old) Sounds like she...
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    Re: Always hungry

    Hi there, from what you are saying it sounds like things are going fine for your baby's health-diapers and weight gain. My little guy nursed every hour for a good period of time. It was very tough,...
  24. Re: Chances of weaning after 1 week seperation

    I bet she would resume nursing, you have such a well established nursing relationship. I have a friend who weaned a month and a half ago and he still tries to root. She only breastfed until he was...
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    Re: 3 day wait rule?

    I would just try it with all new foods until a year especially high allergy foods as mentioned. If you didn't try the wait rule and an allergic reaction occured you could not rule out which one...
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