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    Partial Weaning?

    Anyone else BF only a few times a day (e.g. morning and night)?

    I'm finding it increasingly hard to get pumping sessions in at work and my production is also slowing down, so I'm considering...
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    Re: Nursing Bra for large breasts

    I second the Anita recommendation. I got fitted at Nordstroms, and they were so helpful ... I would probably have picked out something too small. Though they didn't have my size in stock at the...
  3. Re: Worried about waning milk supply - help!

    Thanks all for the support. I think the dehydrating cold and stress was compounding the problem -- I'm much better emotionally and mentally now that the cold is gone, which helps.

    To answer some...
  4. Worried about waning milk supply - help!

    I am two weeks in to being back at work full time and I am worried that my milk supply is waning....

    I feed my 3 mo old around 6:15 am before we head off to work/daycare, then try to pump at work...
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