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    Re: Going back to work

    I printed out some of those Kellymom handouts and took them with me along with some homemade cookies when my little girl and I went for a visit before I went back to work. I told them how important...
  2. Re: Falls asleep nursing but wakes when I put him in the cri

    I just wanted to chime in and agree with mommal that everything is a phase. Just last night (well, really this morning- 4am!), I nursed my 10 month old back to sleep and was thinking as I put her...
  3. Re: Drop in pump output- how do I check the motor?

    Thank you for looking our schedule and making suggestions! I really do appreciate it as everything had been humming along nicely and now it's a whole new ballgame and I'm just so confused about how...
  4. Re: Drop in pump output- how do I check the motor?

    Thanks for checking on me! I just figured everyone else saw 9 months, decreased output and saw what I was apparently in denial about- the dreaded pump slump. I'm still pumping about 6 oz a day, but...
  5. Re: Manual pump reviews / recommendations?

    I leave my electric pump at work and have a Lanisoh at home for the odd situation that pops up. I've been very happy with it, but I'm also very happy to have my electric for my day-to-day pumping...
  6. Drop in pump output- how do I check the motor?

    If this were talk radio I'd say long time listener, first time caller as I read the boards every day while I pump at work! My little girl is almost 9 months and just started mostly sleeping through...
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