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  1. Will she ever self wean? Three and no interest in weaning

    I don't mind the nursing, but some days it can be too much. Pulling at my shirt, screaming for boobie, non stop nursing days. I have been hoping she would self wean, but I got a bit proactive the...
  2. Re: Mom ready to wean but 2 1/2 year old is not :/

    I always said booboos. My girl started calling the boobies out of thin air, too. She just turned 3, and I am tired of b- ding, too. I just tried putting olive juice in my nipple and it worked like...
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    Re: Nursing toddler in public in US

    Feed your baby as nature intended. If anyone has a problem with that, point them towards the nearest McDonalds, and let them start harassing toddlers eating Happy Meals with soda! Who cares what "...
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    Re: Need Night Weaning Advice!

    That was great article!!!! I am going to try it out. Not sure how my little lady will feel, but it seems like a pretty simple solution to night weaning. I like structure of it; " You do this for...
  5. Low Iron - Bad Eater - Loves to Nurse

    15 month old Gianna is really giving momma a hard time eating. I try to feed her food before the breast, but she only eats a bite or two. I don't mind nursing, but now that her iron is low, I can't...
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    Rash on breast

    Should I go to obgyn or regular dr?

    Anyone ever have this? Itchy little bumps on side of one breast and a little below boob on my side. Not so concerned, but it has been a few weeks and it has...
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    Human Pacifier. . .

    Gianna has been sleeping through the night for months. I co-sleep and when she stirs, I know its time to feed her. I pick her up, she eats and when she is done, I put her down and go back to sleep....
  8. How often should I be feeding solids?

    Gianna just started eating solids. So far so good. She only eats a tiny bit of whatever I feed her. Its only been 2 weeks. Should I start feeding her 3x per day? Not sure how to proceed from...
  9. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    Gianna is 6 months and just started solids two weeks ago. So far she has had bannana, avocado, pear, nectarine and carrots. I steamed and pureed the carrots and pears, and mashed the avocado and...
  10. Help!! Is this strep or could I have thrush? In my throat!!!!

    Of course, I have to get sick after hours on Saturday!

    Lost my voice this afternoon, and have an itch in my throat. Yesterday, I thought I was either catching a cold or had allergies. Today, I...
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    Almost ready for solids. . .

    Gianna is always watching me eat, tries to grab my fork, and has been nursing more at night. So, I guess this is her way of telling me its almost time. She will be 6 months in 3 weeks. She is...
  12. Re: Need to take antibiotics and worried about baby

    Just took my pill and I want to cry! I hate that this will go into my baby. I am just afraid that an infection in my uterus would be worse. Gianna will not take a bottle. (I have bad dreams at...
  13. Need to take antibiotics and worried about baby

    This morning, I started to bleed and felt "something" after going to bathroom. My baby was born over 3 months ago, and I have seen small amounts of blood from time to time, but thought it was just...
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    Re: thrashing and won't let go

    My girl is 7 weeks old, and she does this too. I think she does it when she is tired. She usually does this in the evenings. Its funny how mad she gets! She shakes her head while on the boob,...
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    Re: Dry Diaper

    Thanks Ladies! I was about to have a nervous breakdown this morning, but googled it, and see that lots of people had this same question in various forums. Thank God for the internet! Probably...
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    Dry Diaper

    Baby had last diaper change at 11:00 last night and we got up at 5:00 to have a change. Her diaper was dry. This happened last week also. I did nurse her last night. She usually wets her diaper...
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    Re: Rolling Over

    Wow! My baby rolled over for the first time two days ago, (from her tummy to back 2 times.) She did it again yesterday. She is only 5 weeks! Should I call MENSA? I am not in a rush for her to...
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    Will I ever leave the house again!!!

    My girl is 5 weeks old, and thank goodness feedings are finally not painful, she is latching well and we are breast milk exclusive!!!! What a long road it was to get here. . . .

    I have been...
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    Re: Marathon Feeding - Is this normal?

    I started using formula in hospital because pediatrician said I should. Also, I did not have a lot of support in hospital when it came to breastfeeding. They just dropped the baby off with me, and...
  20. Re: Bleeding, sore nipples...beginning to fear feedings

    I had same issues - I used lanoline after every feeding, and eventually it helped. I am about a week ahead of you - and thankfully the bleeding and burning pain has passed. I used a nipple sheild...
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    Marathon Feeding - Is this normal?

    I have a newborn baby girl who is 15 days old. So far, BF has been hell! But, we are getting there.

    Baby eats every 2-3 hours, but she stays on the breast for 1 1/2 - 2 hours (off and on and...
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