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    Re: Breastfeeding to sleep

    I say you gotta do what works for you. BUT I would also say, maybe *try* to start getting him to fall asleep on his own now and again, maybe pop him off early and pat him down, or nurse him before...
  2. Temas: My Hair!

    by jadefaerie

    Re: My Hair!

    Mine fell out when DS was about that age and I freaked. I had "bald" patches at the front. But it stopped and it's grown back fine, he's 8 mos now.
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    Re: Running out of milk for my 3yo?

    I am so sorry, that sounds like such a sad naptime :cry

    I heartily recommend Mother's Milk tea and oatmeal. They always seem to work for me. I honestly don't know how pumping would affect you at...
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    Re: Weaning 10 month old

    I went back to work when DD was 9 mos old and I didn't bother pumping (she wouldn't take a bottle, anyway). When I wasn't around, they'd give her solids, try a bottle of BM if I had it, formula when...
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    Re: waiting for a miracle?

    IT sounds like he wants it more as part of the routine than anything. Changing routine is the hardest part for us, too. I'd say if you're ready, and you think he's pretty much ready, just try it and...
  6. Re: Baby-led solids/weaning food suggestions?

    Ooh, good idea. He does do pincher. Heck, he's almost walking :lol so I guess "crawling with belly off the floor" is covered, too.

    I'm thinking Joe's O's seem a little crunchier than Cheerios....
  7. Re: Baby-led solids/weaning food suggestions?

    Is 8 mos old enough for cereal, like cheerios? I feel like DD couldn't eat stuff like that FOREVER :lol

    Thank you so much, my brain gets fried trying to feed my 2.5 yo something, anything, that...
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    Re: Fresh orange juice for 8-month baby?

    No citrus before 1 year is about everyone's recommendation. I would advise against it strongly. Lots of kids are very sensitive to it.
  9. Baby-led solids/weaning food suggestions?

    My brain hurts :eye My 8 mo old has barely had any solids, but he's showing signs of rejecting the spoon already. He's definitely hungry for food, and is ~25 lbs. I'd like to get into solids, but I...
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    Re: Vacationing without Babes

    I'm just posting to say how jealous I am! :lol

    You must have some wonderful support if someone will watch your LO that long!!! Good luck, I hope you have fun. I don't know if I could have left...
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    Re: Baby cries when I leave him

    My DD went through different periods of separation anxiety when she was in daycare (from about 9 mos to about 20 mos). I would bring her special blanket and a special favorite "daycare" toy. When she...
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    Re: what makes baby gassy?

    I cut out dairy and the gas problem is almost entirely gone. I went months in denial before I had the guts to do it :lol
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    Re: When is the best time to pump?

    Whenever you decide to pump, after a couple of days your body will regulate and you won't have any issue. So, I'd say, feed DD on one side, pump on the other a little later, and then go back and feed...
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    Re: Am I being selfish NOT weaning??

    That's rather the problem, I'm not entirely sure :lol I am not necessarily looking to wean her, I just am starting to wonder if I perhaps should. DH is starting to want me to, thinking that she'll be...
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    Am I being selfish NOT weaning??

    I'm starting to think that by not weaning my 2.5 year old, perhaps I'm doing the wrong thing for her!! :yikes She has gotten really, really demanding and cranky about nursing--screaming and having a...
  16. Re: help! any strategies for breastfeeding with reflux?

    You've had lots of replies, so I'm probably being redundant :lol but my DD had "refulx" for 6 mos before I finally stopped giving her medication and went to a naturopath. She put me on an elimination...
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    Re: Help- refusing bottle/cup!

    I went back to work full time when my DD was 9 mos old. She went to daycare, and never, ever touched a bottle or sippy cup before she was a year or more old. I sent the BM, had had gallons in my...
  18. Re: I want to wean but feel guilty about it

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! I'm right there with you. I just nursed DD to sleep and I wanted to rip my boob out of her mouth, throw her in her bed, and run screaming out of the house. She's 2.5 and...
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    Re: Finger Foods

    He's honestly probably just not ready. If I were you, I'd still offer them to him with dinner, let him play, see what he does. I'd let him feed me (if I could stand the taste :lol) and feed him...
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    Re: waiting to introduce solids at 1 year??

    I keep going back and forth with waiting. My little guy WANTS food, but it doesn't seem to agree with him. So I keep putting it off for another week here and there. I figure it's not a fixed thing...
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    Re: 11 months old not using sippy cup

    My DD (now 2.5) wouldn't take a bottle and sippy's were a bust for her (and I wasn't brave enough to give her a regular cup.)

    But straw cups worked like a charm. I'd heard somewhere that BF babies...
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    Re: Are any of you..

    I can't get people to hold the baby enough! But, I agree with wearing baby. That keeps people from asking to hold them, especially if they're all snuggly and sleeping :gvibes
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    Re: help with 4 day old

    Congratulations!! I am just reinforcing that the pump doesn't really indicate anything. Also, both my kids were quick eaters from birth. I never fed on both breasts during a single feeding, and they...
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    Re: Follow his lead?

    Both my kids are super-fast eaters. In 5 minutes or less (usually less) on one side only. DS is well over 20 lbs at 7 mos and is generally finished in 3 minutes. I've never had to feed on both sides...
  25. Re: Are there any more nursing older toddlers?

    [QUOTE=triandemnursingmama;380539] My first nursling self-weaned on his fifth birthday, my second shortly before his 7th birthday QUOTE]

    Oh, crap. I guess that means they really will go past 4 if...
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