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  1. Re: Should I? Or shouldn't I? Confused.. Help!

    With ML I gave cereal at about 6-7 months after EBF. She was completely ready for solids. I didn't feel all that happy about the cereal & started giving her tastes of pureed veggies and fruits. With...
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    Re: Bringing a toddler back to breast

    Such sweet pics! :love:happytears And :love for Silas "seeing" Lola! Now he's found a common interest with her. :lol
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    Re: Bringing a toddler back to breast

    That's awesome he came back to the boob!! :love

    When I was pregnant w/CI, my milk dried up about 5 months into the pregnancy & ML weaned (she was a little over 2). I was ready for it though, the...
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    Re: toddler tantrums when nursing newborn

    We had tantrums too! I had ML either sit with us while I read her a book or I would turn on Nick Jr & we would watch a show together. Sometimes she would just get mad & stay mad....there was nothing...
  5. Re: Anyone's husband never feed baby milk?

    DF never fed either of the kids while they were exclusively nursing. He would help feed them once they started on solids.
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    Re: Today's the Day

    Awesome!!! :love:happytears:hug:clap:cool::cheer:dance
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    Re: Three years ago today....

    :clap Way to go!!! :cheer:hb
  8. Re: Anyone else still use a boppy or pillows?

    I still use the boppy w/CI, but only when we're nursing at home. When we're out, he just sits in my lap.
  9. Re: Aargh...baby not gaining enough weight! Please help!

    Is your pedi using the chart for formula fed babies? I only ask because mine told me that ML wasn't gaining the proper amount of weight after birth, told me to supplement & then I found out later...
  10. Re: Not sure how to title it :) But need suggestions!

    CI is almost 2 1/2 & he's still nursing. I'm actually really happy he is. I just noticed the other day that his 2 year molars are starting to break thru. There are days when he won't eat anything but...
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    Re: My weaning story

    So sweet! :love:hug
  12. Re: where are you at with Nursing your toddler over 2?

    CI usually nurses first thing in the morning and at night, right before bed. Every once in awhile, he'll ask in the middle of the afternoon if he's tired & needs to nap. I'm really glad he's still...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When they say something super funny w/a mouthful of boob & then spend the next 15 minutes giggling hysterically all while nursing. :love (CI's new funny thing to say that automatically sends him into...
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    Re: Spices?

    When ML was little & started eating solids, I was afraid to add spices...I didn't know if she would have a reaction to them or not. So I kept everything fairly bland. Now at 5, she still prefers...
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    Re: Co-sleeping

    When ML was little, we pushed the bed up against the wall & she slept right beside me. I would always check the bed before getting in it to make sure it was right up against the wall,...
  16. Re: What funny things does your two year old say while nursing?

    CI's just started memorizing stories, nursery rhymes, etc. Right now he's really into Jack & Jill and the Five Little Monkeys books. Just the other night he popped off & said "Five little monkeys...
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    Re: Vitamins for baby

    I never gave either of my children vitamins until they were 2 years old, not even the vitamin d drops. But I always made sure they had time outside almost daily w/out sunscreen (about 15-20 minutes)....
  18. Re: Do you hide the fact that you are still nursing?

    CI will be 2 in February & he's still going strong. :love I don't hide the fact that he's still nursing. I still NIP, but usually in a very quiet spot or in the car when we're out, he's very...
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    Re: What to do with older child?

    You could read a book w/the older child or watch a tv show together. After CI was born, I would turn the tv on to a show I knew ML would like & we would watch it together, singing songs or pointing...
  20. Re: So...how often does your toddler nurse?

    CI is 23 months & is still nursing about 4-5 times a day. I think he would nurse all.night.long if I would let him. When he's not feeling well or is teething, he definitely nurses more. I don't mind,...
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    Re: Cold/Sick while breastfeeding

    DF's dad is a pharmacist & I've always asked him first before taking any medications. He would always tell me what was safe & what wasn't. I've also called to the pharmacy & asked the pharmacist on...
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    Re: AA is two today!!

    Happy Birthday!!! :hb:cheer
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    Poll: Re: How long did you BF??????

    I had originally set out to bf ML for at least 2 years, that was our goal. I had gotten pregnant when she was about 19 months old & my milk started to dry up. She bf'd for 26 months total. She...
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    Re: do you take a prenatal vitamin?

    I've been taking prenatals since I was pregnant w/ML & I guess I'll continue taking them until CI weans or we're done having little ones.
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    Re: BF and novacaine

    It's fine. I had several cavaties filled while nursing ML. DF's dad is a pharmacist & he looked up the info for me about novacaine before I agreed to have it done.
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