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  1. Re: Breastfeeding problems: born at 31w 2d, current age 39w 3d

    I would be interested in hearing what information you receive from the Dr. I am the mother of a 33 weeker who is now 4 months old and we still don't have the bfing thing down yet. She still gets to...
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    Re: What to do?


    try putting baby in a basinete next to you where you can reach to console and see if that may help. I am the mother of a 33 weeker and she is now almost 4 months old and I have been...
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    Re: Please help-Almost no milk left!!

    stacie28....my prayers go out to you and your twins and all I can say is just keep trying. I have started manipulating the nipple with my fingers to see if it helps. It has been a week since your...
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