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  1. Re: Daycare says breastfeeding over lunch will be an inconvenience

    Glad to know you've found a good provider! I was lucky enough that my cousin had her own daycare (she's actually going to be a LLL leader soon :)) So it was nice. Now DH watches both and I go home...
  2. Re: How long did you send breastmilk to daycare?

    With DD1 I stopped at 13 months but that was due to supply issues. I will send EMB with DD2 as long as she needs. At least 12 months though.. and I go home and nurse her on my lunch break :)
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    Re: Working moms and your fav pump?

    I love my medela PIS advance :)
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    Re: Using a common fridge at work?

    My work put a mini fridge in my pumping room but I don't use it. I just put it in bags in my bag because I take it home on my lunch break. It was very nice of them to put but they could've cleaned it...
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