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    Re: Left Nipple Sore and Swollen

    Thank you!

    I have the lanolin and antibiotic ointment on right now and hope to have some relief by morning.

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    Left Nipple Sore and Swollen

    My son hasn't bitten me recently although he's getting lots of molars in right now.

    For the past few days, I've been experiencing some infrequent shooting pains in my left breast close to my...
  3. Re: Help! Intermittent Fevers/Painful Breast

    According to the nurse practitioner I have mastitis. The only symptom I don't have is redness, but everything else is pretty much textbook.

    Thanks for your replies. I'm starting Keflex this...
  4. Re: Help! Intermittent Fevers/Painful Breast

    The skin has been opened off and on for over a month ever since my son first bit me, but I haven't noticed any pus. I have some abx for mastitis, and I broke down last night and started taking them....
  5. Help! Intermittent Fevers/Painful Breast

    For over a month, I have been fighting with intermittent fevers. The issues started when my son bit me. I had my first BFing problems ever in the form of a clogged duct. Since then, I have only...
  6. How Much Protein is Necessary at 10 mos?

    At my son's 9 mo. well check, we were told that we could introduce beef and chicken in his diet. I have been feeding him either bits of chicken breast or super lean ground beef, but it hasn't been...
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    Re: A goal reached

    Congratulations to you on a job well done!
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    Clogged Duct Questions

    Yesterday, I discovered a clogged duct brought on from where my 9 month-old bit me. I had never had any problems with clogged ducts or mastitis previously, but I went ahead and applied a warm...
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    OUCH! Teeth and Clamping Down

    My son just turned 9 months and is cutting a lot of his upper teeth all at once. I'm still EBFing him, but lately he's been clamping down and pulling off. Tonight, he took some skin with him, and...
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    8 Month Milestone

    Yippee!! Today we are celebrating our wonderful 8-month breastfeeding relationship. :love:cow

    I'm so incredibly thankful to have had virtually no issues with breastfeeding my son, and while I...
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    Re: Blowouts

    I've asked DH about using cloth diapers, and he's not on board with them. He likes the convenience of 'sposies. Unfortunately, he doesn't clean up as many blowouts as I do!

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    I knew yesterday's blowout was imminent given that he hadn't gone for two days, but I was wondering if anyone else experiences frequent blowouts.

    We have at least two or three a week, and I...
  13. Poll: Re: When did you eliminate nighttime feedings?

    We did CIO just a couple of weeks ago right after DS's 6 mo checkup, and I haven't done a nighttime feeding since.

  14. Spitting Up or Vomiting - I Can't Tell the Difference

    DS is 6 1/2 months old, and he's either spit up or vomited 4 times today. Two instances were normal down-the-arm spitups, one was mostly gastric juices with little projection, and one had quite a...
  15. Poll: Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    We just started solids, and I am feeding him non-organic foods as the organic ones aren't in our budget.

    Reading your posts, it makes me feel as though I may be doing something that could be...
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    Re: is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

    My pedi encouraged us to continue with cereal in order to make sure that my LO is getting the iron that he needs. I understand that at his 9-month well check, he'll be tested for anemia, which is...
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    Re: We made it one year!!!!

    That's an awesome accomplishment!! Happy birthday to your LO and congratulations to you!

  18. Ouch! Is This a Teething Symptom?

    My son is soon to be 6 months old, and he's exhibiting lots of signs of teething, like excessive drooling, somewhat stuffy nose, lots of chewing on his toys, and seemingly unexplained bouts of...
  19. Re: Worst. Pumping. Experience. Ever. - Pumping While Traveling

    I didn't have a note stating that I had a "medical condition", and I was able to make through security with little problem. If they needed proof of my "condition" I was more than ready to squirt...
  20. Worst. Pumping. Experience. Ever. - Pumping While Traveling

    A couple of weeks ago, I went on a short trip and could not take my son with me. I took the breast pump with me on the plane because I knew that I'd have to pump while on the plane and would...
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    Is There A Connection?

    Last week, I left my 4 1/2 month-old with my MIL for 3 1/2 days while I went on a brief family vacation. I pumped enough milk beforehand to last while I was away, and I pumped and dumped while I was...
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    Re: Advice on breast pumps

    I'm using a Medela Pump In Style, and it's been great. I pump 1-3 times a day, and it hasn't hampered my supply at all.

    I prefer to pump both breasts at the same time, and an average session...
  23. Is This Enough - And Logistics Questions

    I'm having to leave my 4-month old in the care of my MIL for 4 days while I go out of town. I have frozen about 100 oz. of EBM and hope to add another 50 oz to it. For starters, is that enough to...
  24. Celebrated Three Months Over The Weekend

    I'm so proud that I have made it through three successful months of exclusively breastfeeding DS. Prior to giving birth, I had nightmares about the pains breastfeeding, and the first week was filled...
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    Re: 6 Months!!

    Congratulations to you and your LO!

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