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  1. How do you know when it's time to wean?

    I've nursed my son for 18 months now. But lately I've been thinking about weaning, and I'm just wondering how do you know when you are ready.

    - He is been sick lately with a horrible cold and in...
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    Re: Thoughts on pumping at this point...

    I wouldn't pump anymore. My 18 month old son nurses when he is with me, and if I'm not home he'll drink something else, sometimes cow's milk, sometimes water. But after one year of pumping I decided...
  3. Me siento rechazada y con ganas de terminar la lactancia

    Mi hijo tiene 18 meses y todavia esta lactando 1 o 2 veces durante el dia y entre 3 y 4 veces durante la noche.
    Ultimamente he estado pensando en cuando sera el momento adecuado para terminar, se...
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    Whole Milk???

    Well, we made it to 1 year (Sep 17), :clap
    99% breastmilk until 10 months, when LO decided to start trying solids (even though I tried several times a day since he was 6 months old).

    He still...
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    Re: Water - bottled or boiled?

    LO is 10 months old, I started offering water at around 5-6 months.

    Most of the time is TAP water.

    He has a sip or two every day, not much more.
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    Re: Refusing to feed

    MY LO went thru the same thing. At around 5 months he stopped nursing during the day, 2-3 mins max about every 2-3hrs. He continued to gain weight, but at a much slower rate, he droped from the 80%...
  7. Re: Too many nighttime feedings = exhausted mommy. Any advice?

    Nursing in bed is the only thing that keeps me alive. DS was sleeping thru the night (9hrs) at 3-4 months. It was heaven!!!
    I went back to work when he was 5 months old and he wasn't drinking much...
  8. Re: Last dumb question regarding alcohol(sp).

    Enjoy your Pina Colada!!!!
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    Re: Baby Walkers

    I have one and LO loves it. He doesn't crawl yet, so is the only way he can move himself. I guess he loves the freedom to be able to move without help. He also has an exersaucer and he likes the...
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    Re: Lack Of Interest In Solids

    My 9.5 month old still doesn't eat anything.
    We introduced him to solids when he was 6months and still no interest whatsoever!!

    We started with baby food, and he got really mad everytime I got...
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    Re: Baby doesn't want solids.

    I thought my son was the only one who hated solids.

    He is almost 9 months and I'm lucky to get him to swallow more than 1 teaspoon a day of baby food. He cries whenever I try to put the spoon in...
  12. Temas: Egg Yolks??

    by rsaracho

    Egg Yolks??

    Just wondering, how young can you give your LO egg yolks?
  13. Re: Not taking the bottle anymore any advice pls.....=)

    My son went thru the same thing when he was around 3 months.

    I BF excusively for the first 4 weeks and introduced one bottle of EBM a day at around 4-5 weeks.
    All of a sudden, he started to...
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    Antibiotics, how do I prevent thrush?

    Both LO and I have been prescribed with antibiotics.

    Does it mean that we will inevitably get thrush?

    What can we do to prevent it?
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    Re: Frozen BM Questions.....

    Taste and color do change when you freeze!, mine tastes horrible after thawing so I had to scald it because LO wouldn't drink it.
    If your LO is not complaining about the different taste, I think...
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    Re: Vacation Please help....need to stop??!

    Do take a pump, and dump if necessary. I'll be a lot easier to spend 10-15 min pumping 3-4 times a day for the days that you are away, than having to deal with engorgement, plugged ducts, and...
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    Re: My milk is making him sick......

    You are right! We went to the Ped yesterday and LO developed Lactose Intolerance from the diarrhea and I think it got worse from me taking antibiotics.

    The ped said that if he was on formula, he...
  18. Can you switch from spoon feeding to Baby Led?

    Has anyone been successful in switching from spoon feeding to Baby Led, If so how did you manage it?

    I've been trying for LO to eat something other than milk, but he is not intersted at all, I...
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    Re: My milk is making him sick......

    LO is 8months.

    I had to take the Cleocin too when he was about 2 weeks old and my LC told me it was OK, so I figured that once again at 8 months it shoudln't be a problem. But since he is already...
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    When do they actually NEED the solids?

    I started LO on solids since he was 6months, He is NOW 8 months and still not interested AT ALL.

    I started with once a day in the early afternoon with bananas, sweet potatoes, and avocados. We...
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    My milk is making him sick......

    LO got sick, he's been having diarrhea for about a week now, fever on and off, we took him to the DR. Monday, Tuesday and just got back from the ER TODAY. They 've been running all kinds of test, and...
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    Seasonal Allergies anyone????

    Does anyone suffer from seasonal allergies?

    What do you take? I usually take Zyrtech, but my LC said it could decrease my milk supply and/or sedate baby. :eek:

    I don't want to take anything...
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    not gaining anymore

    I've been worried sick for the last couple of weeks as it seems DS completely stopped gaining weight.

    I was so proud at the beginning as he was gaining and growing so well on my milk, but it seems...
  24. Re: She's pushing her fist into my breast...

    DS (6 months) does the exact same thing, although he uses his hand and not his fist, and I think he does it to stimulate a faster flow:rolleyes:
    I try to hold at least one of his hands while he is...
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    Vomiting, diahrrea... Breastfeeding OK???

    DS (6 months) caught some sort of virus and started vomiting on Friday morning after his 4am feeding. We took him to the ER on Friday evening as he was getting worse, and they told us NO...
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