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  1. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    DD is 15 months old and lately comes to nurse with her crayons, and scribble all over my chest and face while nursing :lol
  2. Re: nipple confusion and going back to breast


    Great advise from lllmeg. I am not an IBCLC either, but want to share my experience with you. My baby and I had a lot of latching and supply issues at start, so I also had to supplement her...
  3. Supply dip during period, what to do?

    Hi ladies,

    I got my period back one year pp, and I am on my second period now. DD has been super fussy this week and it took me a while to realize that she was still hungry after nursings... she...
  4. Re: Can my 12 month old have forgotten how to nurse?

    Just a question, how do you know that you had a dip in your milk supply? I have a one year old and honestly I have no clue how much milk does she drink... I used to pump once a day while at work but...
  5. Re: New here, reaching 12 months mark, some questions

    Hi auderey,

    Last time I tried to give her milk in a cup was a few weeks ago, I'll try again and see how it goes. I only pump if I feel uncomfortable at work or if I feel LO didn't nurse much at...
  6. New here, reaching 12 months mark, some questions

    Hi ladies,

    My LO is 11 months old and I have some questions, hope you can give me some advice. I'm sure I am worrying to much, but better ask :)

    A little background... when my LO was born I was...
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