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    Re: Mommy keeps bruising all over!

    Yes! I'm noticing the same thing... a lot more bruising lately especially on my legs. I have my annual doctor's appt. coming up and I was going to ask. I too have been bad about remembering to take...
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    Re: No BM in almost 5 days

    :welcome I went through the same thing and as a first time mommy put in numerous calls to the nurse's line at our pediatrician's office with all my questions.

    Although the longest my son went...
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    Re: Vitamins and sterilizing

    My son has been on Poly-Vi-Sol vitamin drops since his first pediatrician's appointment even though I am taking vitamins also. I was told breast fed babies needed the vitamin D and as long as I was...
  4. Re: sleeping through the night and engorged breasts

    :ita Agree with PP... Once my LO started sleeping through the night at 3 mos I was engorged for maybe 3-4 days and then I was fine. My body has gotten used to the new routine. I pump right before I...
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    Re: freezing freshly expressed bm

    Thanks so much! I would hate to waste any BM! I work hard for that. :)
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    freezing freshly expressed bm

    I thought I read somewhere that you're supposed to chill the bags of bm in the fridge before transferring them to the freezer. Last night I was so exhausted (teething DS is boycotting naps) that...
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    Re: thumb sucking

    Also, your baby may grow out of it. When my LO first discovered his thumb, he was sucking it all the time. Now, he's 5 1/2 months and hardly ever sucks his thumb... there are too many other things...
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    Re: thoughts about............

    :ita YES! Do what you need to do in order to survive! :) Baby needs to sleep, but Mama needs to sleep too.

    My DS is 5 1/2 months old. He naps in the swing in the morning after he nurses so we...
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    Re: Rash on Chin - food allergy?

    My 5 1/2 month old has the same thing... but also gets some red bumps on his upper chest when we're outside and he gets too hot... we're in hot and humid Atlanta. So it could be drool, but could also...
  10. Re: 3 Weeks to go and not enough freezer stash

    Thanks so much for the support! Today went much better. I even pumped 7 oz in 15 minutes this morning. The end is in sight! This week he got a little formula with breast milk in the 1 bottle my...
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    Re: Maternity Leave?

    I'm a teacher and was planning to take the remainder of the year off. My DS was born Jan. 11th. I saved up my sick days knowing that one day I'd want to use them for maternity leave. I was allowed...
  12. 3 Weeks to go and not enough freezer stash

    Hello All! I could really use some advice! I'm a teacher and had to go back to work 3 weeks ago. Since I've been back I've been trying to pump at school to keep my freezer supply up so my mom can...
  13. Growth Spurt? Thrush? Refusing to breast feed

    So yesterday my 6 1/2 week old DS started wanting to feed every hour. So my thought is growth spurt, right? Midday he started getting very fussy would scream as if he was starving. I'd try to put...
  14. Going back to work...how much to pump?

    Hello! I'm a teacher and was planning on taking the rest of the school year off so I haven't really been pumping too much... just enough to have a date night every now and then. The school system...
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    Re: Congested at night w/o cold?!?!

    I've noticed the same thing with my LO.Our room is so dry. I'm trying the humidifier tonight!
  16. 1st timer having issues...please help! (Sorry for length)

    Hello! I'm a first time mom of a 3 week old little boy and trying desperately to figure out what is going wrong with our breast feeding. I saw 2 different LCs in the hospital who both said my son...
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